26 August, 2008

Bali Trip Day 1 : Barong Kintamani Tour

As usual after taking our breakfast at the resort's lobby. the group assembled and waited our tour bus and tour guides patiently. Looking up the sky, it's seems gona be rain soon.

According to the schedule, we will watching the Barong and Kris Dance. It took us about one and hour to reach the destination where the Barong & Kris Dance Show were on. During on the bus, the tour guide told us that due to on the last Sunday on the 17th August (The day before we stepped our feet to the land of Bali happened to be the National Day for Indonesia, so the next day - 18th August was the replacement for the public holiday.), and following by the local peoples are going to celebrate their festive season, just like our Malay Peoples celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Chinese Peoples celebrating Chinese New Year. The local peoples is gona celebrates 3 festives seasons. The first one they called it "Perayaan Galungan", the second one is "Perayaan Kuningan" and the last one is "Perayaan Nyepi".

You can see this decorations, decorated almost everywhere during the festive seasons. (Even in their vehicles) made by somekind of leaves.

Along the roadside, I can see a statue either. It's the statue "Father of Victory"

Soon or later, we had reach the place where we get to see the famous & colourful Barong & Kris Dance Show. The tour guide told us usually tourists from the eastern country have no interest in watching such show, but for those western tourists - they love it very much.

We didn't make our long stay there, because the shows seems quite boring. Or should I said not the show boring, it just we don't know much about the history and stories about The Barong & Kris Dance. So after staying there fow a while, without wasting any time. We had move to our second destination for the day - Celuk Village.

But before leaving I managed snap some pictures of the "Barong & Kris Dance" either. As well as some of the story sypnosis were included.

The Barong and Kris Dance
The Barong Play represents an internal fight between the Good and Evil spirit. The Barong is a mythical animal who represents the good spirit. The Rangda represents its evil counterpart. Balinese people think that the Good and the Evil coexists in our world. This is why the following story has no obvious winner.
The introduction dance presenting here is called the Dance of Legong.

The dance begins with an introduction which has nothing to do with the story. Followed by his friend the monkey, the tiger comes up. Three masked dancers appear. They are palmwine makers whose child has been killed by the tiger in the forest. The three angry men try to attack the tiger helped by the monkey...

First Act
Two servants of the Queen Dewi Kunti, discuss together about their beloved master, the Prince Sahadewa. This latter must be sacrificed to the witch Rangda Changers. The arrival of a servant of Rangda, another witch, makes them more anxious. They decide to see the Prime Minister Patih.

Second Act
The Prime Minister Patih arrives with the Queen Dewi Kunti, the mother of Sahadewa. The Queen is distressed because she has promised to Rangda to sacrifice her son. A Witch appears. Fearing that the Queen changes her mind, she bewitches her. The sad Queen becomes also the furious Queen who orders to the Prime Minister to take her son to the cemetery where lives Rangda

Third Act
But Patih loves Sahadewa like his own son and refuses to order the Queen. The Witch bewitches also the Prime Minister. This latter becomes angry and takes Sahadewa into the forest and attaches him to a tree front of the Temple of the Death.

Fourth Act
The God Siwa, dressed up as a priest, appears and gives Sahadewa immortality.

Fifth Act
Rangda appears also, ready to kill and eat Sahadewa. But of course, Sahadewa is now immortal. She surrenders and asks Sahadewa to kill herself to save her soul. Sahadewa agrees and kills Rangda, who goes to Heaven.

Sixth Act
One of the servant of Rangda called Kalika comes up and asks Sahadewa to kill herself too. As Sahadewa refuses, she gets angry and changes herself in a bear who attacks Sahadewa. In vain. She then changes herself in a bird but can be defeated. Finally, she changes herself in Rangda, the powerful witch. Sahadewa meditates and changes himself in Barong. As they are equally powerful, Sahadewa calls his disciples

Seventh Act
The disciples appear with their magic knives, the famous « Kris ». They attack Rangda who bewitches them. They then try to kill themselves but as they are in the agonies of possession, they cannot be killed or wounded by their Kris. Sahadewa arrives to save his disciples...

In my next post we gona proceed to Celuk Village - a place famous with it's filigree silver and gold work. You gona check this out in my next post.

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