06 July, 2008

The War Had Come To The End With A Satisfaction

Ok I know some of you might get bored with my topic on the "Scratched Photo Crisis" lately. But guess what? All will be screwed up by today. Due to my habits, once I don't get the things done or the things I need I will never ever giving up in achieving it.

So, before I'm going to church with my church's friends this morning. I'm actually trying out my luck once again to convince my parents to help me develop the photo from the Photomat. Yes!!! This time I got it. Well at least I can let go off the "STONE" which is staying in my mind for the last few days.

After finished the Sunday Service, there's actually a prayer sessions in the church. But I didn't joined in for the prayer session because my friend tried to escape for joining it but as an excuse he saids want to drive me back. (That's what his honey saids) Astaga........ Mr Ho you shouldn't be like this.

Ok, I'm back at home, I saw something laid on top of the table, What could it be? Looking through it's my photo (Thanks papa for the help). But according to mama says due to the photo being improper transfered so as a result caused it looked kind of blur.... The photographer saids the size of the photo probably been resized. So she advised that if next time trying to grab a photo from any websites must be make sure that the procedures is correct and NO simply click COPY & PASTE . Ok, today I leant something new again.

So I'm still going to use the "BLUR" photo as my passport's photo, arggggggg...... I just can't wait 17th Sept to come.

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