13 July, 2008

Upperstar (Damai Branch) : Yum Cha Sessions With Friends

Ok, let's see.... When was the last time I hanged out with friends? Huh... I guess would be the movie outing: Kung Fu Panda (With group of CSPians last month) If I'm Not Mistaken. HEH!! HEH!!

But last night, I managed to have a YUM CHA SESSIONS with my old buddy - Emelda and Chee Kuan along with us was a new member - Kenny (A friend of Emelda which is also my friend in FRIENDSTER.

The Yum Cha Session was actually planned as early as on last Friday. Which Emelda buzzed me up and keep on reminding me NOT TO have my cup of slimming tea on that day.

So as usual, Emelda picked me up around 9.30 P.M. from my house (I was actually knew that there will be a new member who will joining us last night, although Emelda had told me that the only people who had comfirmed of joining the sessions was only Chee Kuan.) But my six sense still told me that Kenny would be the Secret Guest of the night. (Since I missed out the last meeting with them last couple of weeks ago)

We were heading to our usual meeting place - Upperstar (Damai Branch)

The night were packed with a crowd of peoples. (Looks like there were a Birthday Celebrations on by a group of youngster. So it was a bit noisy. But our luck not bad though because we were managed to find an empty seats out of the crowd. So after we had settled down, as we were waiting for the arrival of Chee Kuan (He was a bit late due to he still got a meeting around) we had made our order first.

Here were some of the things we had ordered: (That I managed to snap)

Ice Lemonade


Chicken Steak

From our conversations, I knew that Kenny actually is one of my student librarian's (Catherine Teo) brother. (Hmmm...... no wonder catherine got my email address-lah)What a small world indeed. While we were enjoying our meals, Chee Kuan had started an interesting topic and yet everyone's favourites but also me and Emelda's fearing about the most. (He always be the "Pembawa" to talk about those scarry stuffs) "You better becareful, Chee Kuan!! You gona pay for this some other times." HEH...HEH... (Tulah... who told him to choose a time when it's almost midnight to SERVED the HORROR MEAL ) But, if not because of him we wouldn't knew that the car park in the basement of City Mall would be so haunted anyway.

We were forced to end our YUM CHA Session, because it was midnight and the restaurant were almost closed. Another reason was me and emelda getting shivery. So we had made a deal, in the next meeting - The Haunted/Scary topics will be the first topics of the conversations. (This is to avoid of scarryness of us - GIRL) Akekekkee......... sounds so SILLY!!!!

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