08 July, 2008

Passport To No Where

Finally, I went to settle my passport business with my papa (While my mom not joining us because her passport still can be in used). Along with us was papa's former ex - colleague (He wants to check wheather his pension already done or not) in the Immigration Department which is located at Mini Putrajaya early this morning around 8A.M. (Almost close to Sepanggar Area and University Malaysia Sabah). It took us about one and a half hours to reach the place (What a long journey)

Actually I have never been there before all this while, maybe due to it was working days, we were hardly to get any parking space. As all the parking lots were packed with vehicles. So we forced to park on the other roadsides.

I managed to snap some of the outlook of the buildings:

There were actually various of departments that had moved to the new buildings such as Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN), Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Pelajaran (SPP), Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA).

Soon we arrived at the Immigration Department, we took a queue at one of the counter in order to get our "waiting ticket". Thank god they were not much peoples apply for passport at that time. So, I spent around 15 minutes of waiting before the calling. Me and my dad actually settle our matters in different counters separately.

"Miss, your photo can't be in used-lah." This was the reponse that given by the officer who served me at that time and he been asking me for another copy of photo. Oh dear, fortunenately I did bring along with me the "Monkey-Face" photo of me. So I have no choice, I still have to accept the fact that I MUST USE THE MONKEY-FACE PHOTO. After done with all the procedures of fingerprint verifying and signature. It was already 9:15A.M. , and as told by the officer - our passport probably only will be ready around 11A.M.

After paying the bills which cost me a total amount of RM600 for two peoples (Ok, the passport cost us RM300 each person - as earlier on, dad had made a deal with me, which is the bill of applying passport will goes to me, and the air fare bills will goes to him) Heh!!! Heh!!! That makes me safe a lot. (Or else I have to pay by my own AIR FARES (RM1,200) + PASSPORT (RM300) + CONVERTED CURRENCY (will be estimated around RM500) = RM2,000 (Gosh... I have to work hard for another four months in order to get back the amount of money I spent)

While waiting the passport to get ready, papa and his friend chose to take a stroll around the compounds while I chose to sit on and enjoy the cool breeze outside the building which there were small parks provided.

After sometimes, dad buzz me saying there were a cafeteria next to the building. So we had a short "YUM CHA SESSIONS" in the cafeteria. While my dad chit-chatting with his friend, I start my own activities of photo taking again.



It almost 11A.M. , it's time to get our new passport... So we get back to the department and we showed out our receipt of payment to the officer from the "Counter of Receiving". We were told to wait until we were called by them. So there's another WAIT on!! The next thing I knew, they were having minor problem (TECHNICAL PROBLEM) No Way Man!!!

There's no much we can do but wait. I can feel the room was lack of oxygen and getting heat up although there were full blast air-conditioned. Maybe the room exposed to the sunlight which shone from the transparent rooftop in one of the corner designed earlier on.

Wait and wait, finally we managed to get our passport. So all the matters had settled down, all we need is wait the date of on board to come.

The Old Passport

The New Passport

P/S: Showing "Monkey-Face" photo were pro-hibited here. So I'm not going to show the content of the passport here.

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