30 July, 2008

May Your Soul Rest In Peace :(

It was 5:30 P.M already when I got back from work. As usual I will straightaway go take my bath. (It's a routine for me already) Coz I hate the STICKY FEELINGS with me. It's so YUCKSssss....

Before I proceed to my deep deep shower, out of sudden I feel like want to do my "BIG BUSINESS". Heh....Heh.... malu-nya!!! Hmmm.... I actually smell something strange something like D-E-A-D B-O-D-Y (Please-lah, It's not what you guys thinking of-lah....). It's most probably a dead lizzard.

So, I have been trying to search everyway:

Under The Sink ??? ----> NOPE

Inside The Toilet Bowl ??? ----> NOPE

Behind The Door ??? ----> NOPE

Hmmmm..... Where could it be??? Then I look through behind the toilet bowl. Well.. well... now there you are... Poor Little Dead Lizzard. (Ok, who wants to be the forensic?? Come on, make a guess "How long this little creature passed away???" Heh... Heh....

The "DEAD" Lizzard Behind Toilet Bowl

"May Your Soul Rest In Peace, AMEN."

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