02 July, 2008

Judgement Day..... Hopefully It's ok........

Ok, now the time is 9A.M on Wednesday. Which means I still got another hour before going to Hospital Likas for another review with Uncle Soo (My Paediatrician since 1992)

Basically, everytime check - up the things must included as below:

1) Urine culture (C & S type) MUST Ok (This is IMPORTANT if infection shown Uncle Soo will KILL me!!!!!)

2) Blood Test MUST OK & Blood Pressure is normal

3) My Urine Volume Chart (Oh My God!!! Today I couldn't show because I'm been "Auntie Visit" for past a weeks) OR should I said actually I forgot to do it. Hopefully Uncle Soo is in the right mood and my urine culture test is ok. (Please do pray for me)

4) My VP Shunt - Yes! Uncle Soo will usually check it wheather got any blockage on it or not.

5) Ultrasounds (To ensure that both of my kidneys no sign of swollen and no stones grown)

After gone through all these, I'm considering PASS.

Urine Culture that I took last week (Please YOU MUST NOT get infected.)

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