11 July, 2008


Why I did it? Am I selfish? Or it just a human's reaction? Ok this was happened this morning:

Early this morning, school still running the same as usual. And everyone was busy with their own tasks. Library also the same, accepts for one "CREATURE" - That's me!! (I'm kind of not in the right mood for WORKING . Maybe it was Friday). Suddenly the telephone rang, It was one of the clerk from the main office called up by saying there will be a second calling fire drill practice later on. And this time every residents from the school MUST get involved. (Whereby the first calling fire drill practice happend on last Wednesday - but only teachers and students were involved that time), the rest were not counted in.

After an hour after the calling, the fire drill bell rang. There were actually got 2 exit doors for the library - one was the emergency door which was located closest to me and the other door which was the main door, everyone was rushing out and gathered at an specific area as told earlier on. So without think twice, I had chosen the emergency door not just only it's closest to me but closest to staircases as well which not much peoples using it at that time - I was making a quick move because I don't want squeezed with crowd that I might "fell down" caused by the crowd pulling each other and the next thing was I might be late due to my "SNAIL" walk.

When I'm on my half way, I was thinking that "Am I forgotten something?" Oh Mine!!! "The Students!!". As a librarian - it's my responsibility to look after the student's safety first before myself, that's what I'm thinking (Same theory for those stewardess inside an air craft, izzitn't it?) But I did nothing but just RUN FOR MY LIFE!!! Although it just a FAKE fire drill practice, but leaving my other colleagues doing the job - It's bad enough. Why am I so selfish?? I promise never ever let this happen again in future....

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