02 July, 2008

Infections But No Harm

Ok, just before heading to Hospital Likas this morning, there's a little "Biawak" had paid us a visit. I took the opportunity to snap it with my camera phone. Here how's it look like:

It took me and my mom half an hour to reach The Likas Hospital from our home. As soon as we reached in the hospital, we went to take the "Waiting Ticket" before we can go for further registrations business.

After settled down the registration in the registration counter and took my measurement of height and weight in the measurement room, we were waiting outside of Uncle Soo's Clinique (Which is Room 2)

It was bored while awaiting the call, since it's only 11A.M. most probably Uncle Soo won't turn up in such time. So in order to get rid of my boringness, I managed to snap some pictures around the hospital. It's been a crowded day indeed.

Some childrens were playing on the small indoor playground provided by the hospital:

While, some was enjoyed of their drawing sessions. (Ain't it much like a nursery??)

What about the nurses??? Oh yes, they were very busy too.

After the long wait, we noticed that all patients of Uncle Soo were called into Room 3 (Including me). Ok, Uncle Soo it's not around again.

Who's the doctor to replace then? It's Dr. Lim. My palm not that sweat anymore like previous after I knew I wasn't seeing Uncle Soo (But actually I prefer him) It's just I'm scared of being scolded because of my urine infected again. (Although Uncle Soo look fierce in the outlook but actually he is a nice caring doctor indeed.)

Well, as in my earlier expectation. Guess what? My urine got slightly infected again. But according to Dr. Lim, he saids "Although got slightly infected but it may do no harm to me at all. So as usual, he checks my blood pressure, checking my VP Shunt, studied my previous ultrasound films (thankgoodness he told me that there's no swollen, no stone grown in both of my kidneys), then we had a little bit chit-chats. He was questioning patient around my age still reffering Uncle Soo??? (Paediatrician) Oh well, this is a famous question that fraquently asked by other doctors as well. But still Uncle Soo wants to look after me. (Heh!! Heh!! they actually joking around already by saying "I'm Uncle Soo's pet!!!) Oh My Gawd!!! The review was ended almost 1P.M. And I'm still have to rush back to work again. Hopefully will be meeting Uncle Soo in the next review in 3 months time again.

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