17 July, 2008

I'm Getting Tired :(

Ok.... Whenever I'm saying this phrase "I'm Getting Tired", and I really mean it. Tired with my job, tired with my life, tired with peoples surrounding me, tired in everything existing in this world.

So often peoples asking me the same question "How much did you get your pay in your current job?" Erm... actually I don't mind letting people to know, it's not a secret for me. (Because it's all depends on your education level, if you were low educated then you will get a low pay, if you were high educated then you will get what you deserve to)

I remembered 3 years ago there was a friend of mine asked me, "Hey Ash, how much you get to pay for working almost 3 years in the company (That time I was working as an account clerk in an audit firm and it was my first job in my life). I told him as a fresh school leaver without any working experience, the pay surely very low one. And everyday I have to working under pressure (For those who been working with me before in the same company, I'm sure you guys will understand me.) Although working under pressure, but I'm still feel like I'm living a fruitful life each day because I get to learn new things each day but at the same time have to face the most CRUEL boss ever. (Thanks to everybody's concern especially Alex who been advicing me to quit the job even he left the company earlier on)

Picture Of All Staffs From The Company Back To Year 2005

What about 3 years later?? Yea... I did take his advice quit the job and landed in my current job. Well, working for another 3 years also, but what I get from it? Nothing!!!! To be honest, I didn't see any bright future on my current job. (Although the pay now much higher than the previous job, but nothing much I can learn from the job but gaining anger or maybe sometimes I can learn some computer knowledge from the IT Department - that's all)

As I always say, thank god I'm not a teacher. I hate facing students nowadays, they won't appreciate what you had done for them but will only treat you like one of their "MAID". Sometimes have to listen to their RUDE WORDS somemore. Don't know how long I can stand for such situations, or maybe I just can't escape from the "3 YEARS SPELL" - That's mean I made up my mind to quit the job again. And this time not the company or the boss's fault but the students. But let's hope this won't come true, I love the environment, prefer current boss.

Anyway, if it is God's plan - nothing much I can do just accept the plan. C'est La Vie which means "That's Life".

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