20 July, 2008

Finally Made It To 1 Borneo

Ok... ok.... I know I'm bit outdated to post this on. Since everybody had paid their visit many times already to the 1 Borneo Hypermall (The biggest Hypermall here in town now)

As planned earlier as last night, I'd been thinking to do some shopping since it's been a long long time I didn't pay a visit to any shoppingmalls. (Actually I planned to shop for some ladies' wear). Sorry, I have to confess for my escape of attendding of church Sunday service today. (I promise there will be no escape for next week again).

Early morning, as usual the maid from next door of our neighbour came to clean up our house (She usually will come and clean our house twice times in a month randomly.) I hate to stay at home whenever she's coming to do the housework because automatically the house will turn into mess (360'degree) more over the fact is she's too talkative. (I can't stand for it)It was already 9 A.M. , after done with my washing and cleaning, mom and dad just get back from Gaya Streets and according to mom saids my cousins from Sandakan will be joining us for breakfast later on. so we went for breakfast at one of the shop near the bus terminal located at Inanam there. Guess what? I had my favourite Pan Mian with Teh C Ping.

It was almost 11 A.M. when we finished our breakfast, after sending my cousins to meet his friends, dad drives us to 1 Borneo. (Oh my, am I dreaming? Trying to slap a bit on my face to make sure I'm awake.) Because dad had refused to bring us to 1 Borneo before this, because of all kind of reasons such as still under constructions, hazardous place, securities unsafe and this and that. Ok, after left our car in the parking lots (It's free now, but soon there will be a charge later. That's what I'd read from one of the banner hanged up) Ok my first impression of 1 Borneo was it's more or likely the same with Mid Valley Megamall in KL.

The hypermall were packed with several famous outlets, boutiques, food courts, and the biggest cinema in town now - Golden Screen Cinema. Here I managed to snap some of them:

The Manhattan Fish Market

White Sand

Sushi King

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

I was actually thinking that there were something missing.... What could it be? Oh yes!!! Why I can't see any bookstores?? I was hoping that there were bookstores inside the mall. Any like Popular Bookstores, Kinokuya Bookstores, Times Bookstores or even MPH Bookstores. But none of them!!! I didn't managed to get myself any cloths since the price is cutting my neck out. But what's really drew my attention is the "Rainforest Exhibitions". (I'm not sure am I got it correct or not, since from the outlook - it's look like a jungle but don't know what's inside, since they required an entrance fees (I'd been trying to snap pictures the outlook of the "Jungle" but it seems the pictures I took all turned blur due to not enough lighting. I guess so)

It was already 3P.M. when we left the mall with empty hands. Oh gosh!!! I'm so damn tired. In future, I'm hoping that there were bookstores opening soon, and more fashion outlets such as Isetan and last but not least, yes!!!! The grand opening of the first Underwater World in KK (Let's beat down The Aquaria in KLCC) Heh... Heh... :)


maslight said...

white sand is a nice place

BOO said...

yup.... I'm agreed with you mas.... that's why I'm shooting it...

Cahaya Bulan said...

hye there boo.. :) cant deny that u are right about the bookstores.. i myself also trying to find any bookstores but none.. huhu.. but then i believe maybe one day a bookstores will be opening in 1B.

BOO said...

cahaya bulan : hopefully..........

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