05 July, 2008

Fewd : I Really Lost My Appetite

So my colleague brought me my favourite Malay desserts in the office today, but I choose to have it as my dinner later at night. Guess what? She brought me "Pais Pisang" and "Pulut Kelapa". The only Malay desserts that I like the most.

Pulut Kelapa

Pais Pisang

But, now almost late night and still I haven't eat them up. Mostly because my brain still stuck with the photo matters. I failed to convinced my parents to develop the scratched photo and dump that latest lammy photos as my new passport's photo. I'm so unhappy with it actually. Although they said the passport is not a document that oftenly in use. Yeah!! I knew that......... But I can't convinced myself to use the "Monkey Face" photos as my passport's photo. It's so DAMN UGLY!!!!

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