13 July, 2008

Event : In House Training

I supposed to blog this yesterday but It seems my timetable is pretty much occupied yesterday. Now only I managed to blog something here.

This is roughly what had happened yesterday, we had organized an "In House Training" for our new librarians. (Once in a year after the intakes been closed)

Event happening : In House Training (For All The Student Librarians)

Venue : KK High School (Library)

Time : 8:00 A.M. - 4.00 P.M. (But at the end, finished earlier than we had planned
around 1 P.M.)

Objective : - Teach the newbies how to handle the library

- Teach the newbies some knowledge in how to process whatever
books and materials that include in the library

- Teach the newbies about the functions of a library

- Motivated them

- Tutorial, Workshop and exams

Here are some pictures that I managed took while the event going on:

Josephine (The President) giving her explainations during the training.

Kenny (The Vice President) giving his explainations during the training.

Some Of The Participants Concerntrating During The Training.

You Can See The Blur Face On Them While The Exam Sessions On

P/S: Another group picture will be on after the process done. STAY TUNE!!!!

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