04 July, 2008

Boo, You Are Such An Ugly Duckling !!! You Know???

Yeah, If you ask me "What is the most hatest things I won't do and try to avoid of doing it?". Well I guess I will be saying "Showing myself in front of the mirror" and "Photo Taking Sessions."

Ok, I just want to SPAM a little bit in my blog to have a relief. (Coz my feeling is SUX now. What happen? Ok, here's what happened this afternoon:

"Oh My Gawd!! My passport sized photo's negative is scratched and no longer can be develop anymore!!!!" (That's the best and the most satisfied picture of me that I can said I ever took)


So I need to visit the Fotomart to take another collections of photo again for renewal of my expired passport.

Guess what? The result came out with a SUX!!! (It is so lame!!!) So, whole afternoon my brain was stuck with the matters. And I couldn't get myself finished up the debtors' list which supposed I gave myself the dead line by today and gona issue it to students by Monday. Out of sudden, something POP out in mind, I knew how to get my photo develop without using the scratched negative. The source is from the school websites, thank god they got uploaded the photo on the websites (Only I figured it out that time, Oh Holy Me!!!) So still I'm gona use it for my new passport later.

What the heck of bad things that I did in my previous life until the "PUNISHMENT" falls upon me in my current life now. "Am I Adolph Hitler once??? Then why I don't deserved any GOOD STUFFS but BAD STUFFS are queuing up.


I'm TIRED of people's weird eyesights.

I'm CARE of people's gossips.

I HATE people talking about the way how I walk.

"Stop questioning me, I hate answering any single questions"

Phew.... Hope won't scared off who ever read this post. I just need a space to SPAM OUT. And I'm feel much better now.


D.Marcus said...

Oh take it easy, sistar. You should vent your anger on something. Like stepping on chucky's webbed feet.

Just kidding. Cheer up, girl.

BOO said...

Well, I won't do that....akekkeke.... But the only victims would go to the "poor kids" from the school. Heh... Heh... or my little "Garfield Head" pillow that lying on my bed. (Berabis kena "PUNCH") Kecian..........

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