22 July, 2008

AirAsia Service Is Sux!!!

Ok I'm just received a bad news from dad today. Supposed our flying schedule set on the 17 Sept. But being forced to prepone as earlier as 18 next month due to the flight had been cancelled by AirAsia. How come they did such things?

I had never travel with AirAsia before, and this is my first time. But, I had been listened to many rumors saying that AirAsia provides the most poorer service ever. At first I don't believe it but now I had made myself clear to believe it.

This morning, dad had received a call from Paul - The manager of MatthewPaul Tour & Travel Agency (Heh!!! Heh!!! The cutest young boss I ever met) telling the bad news, he advised us to prepone our trip or else we have to pay extra money for another transits to KL before reaching our destination.

We forced to do that due to the direct flight on that day (17 Sept) had been cancelled. So we been adviced to prepone to 18 Aug since there will be a direct flight on that day) Oh my god, that might be causing a lot of trouble to me and my mom. Since my mom might be busy with outstations for shooting for Hari Raya Programme purpose and I might be unable to take leave on that periods since if I'm not mistaken my colleague had planned to take leave on that period too. (But whatever, tomorrow I have to double check the schedule with her first hopefully there are no "CRASH" on it.)

Hopefully AirAsia will upgrade their service and make an improvement!!!!

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