30 July, 2008

May Your Soul Rest In Peace :(

It was 5:30 P.M already when I got back from work. As usual I will straightaway go take my bath. (It's a routine for me already) Coz I hate the STICKY FEELINGS with me. It's so YUCKSssss....

Before I proceed to my deep deep shower, out of sudden I feel like want to do my "BIG BUSINESS". Heh....Heh.... malu-nya!!! Hmmm.... I actually smell something strange something like D-E-A-D B-O-D-Y (Please-lah, It's not what you guys thinking of-lah....). It's most probably a dead lizzard.

So, I have been trying to search everyway:

Under The Sink ??? ----> NOPE

Inside The Toilet Bowl ??? ----> NOPE

Behind The Door ??? ----> NOPE

Hmmmm..... Where could it be??? Then I look through behind the toilet bowl. Well.. well... now there you are... Poor Little Dead Lizzard. (Ok, who wants to be the forensic?? Come on, make a guess "How long this little creature passed away???" Heh... Heh....

The "DEAD" Lizzard Behind Toilet Bowl

"May Your Soul Rest In Peace, AMEN."

22 July, 2008

AirAsia Service Is Sux!!!

Ok I'm just received a bad news from dad today. Supposed our flying schedule set on the 17 Sept. But being forced to prepone as earlier as 18 next month due to the flight had been cancelled by AirAsia. How come they did such things?

I had never travel with AirAsia before, and this is my first time. But, I had been listened to many rumors saying that AirAsia provides the most poorer service ever. At first I don't believe it but now I had made myself clear to believe it.

This morning, dad had received a call from Paul - The manager of MatthewPaul Tour & Travel Agency (Heh!!! Heh!!! The cutest young boss I ever met) telling the bad news, he advised us to prepone our trip or else we have to pay extra money for another transits to KL before reaching our destination.

We forced to do that due to the direct flight on that day (17 Sept) had been cancelled. So we been adviced to prepone to 18 Aug since there will be a direct flight on that day) Oh my god, that might be causing a lot of trouble to me and my mom. Since my mom might be busy with outstations for shooting for Hari Raya Programme purpose and I might be unable to take leave on that periods since if I'm not mistaken my colleague had planned to take leave on that period too. (But whatever, tomorrow I have to double check the schedule with her first hopefully there are no "CRASH" on it.)

Hopefully AirAsia will upgrade their service and make an improvement!!!!

20 July, 2008

Finally Made It To 1 Borneo

Ok... ok.... I know I'm bit outdated to post this on. Since everybody had paid their visit many times already to the 1 Borneo Hypermall (The biggest Hypermall here in town now)

As planned earlier as last night, I'd been thinking to do some shopping since it's been a long long time I didn't pay a visit to any shoppingmalls. (Actually I planned to shop for some ladies' wear). Sorry, I have to confess for my escape of attendding of church Sunday service today. (I promise there will be no escape for next week again).

Early morning, as usual the maid from next door of our neighbour came to clean up our house (She usually will come and clean our house twice times in a month randomly.) I hate to stay at home whenever she's coming to do the housework because automatically the house will turn into mess (360'degree) more over the fact is she's too talkative. (I can't stand for it)It was already 9 A.M. , after done with my washing and cleaning, mom and dad just get back from Gaya Streets and according to mom saids my cousins from Sandakan will be joining us for breakfast later on. so we went for breakfast at one of the shop near the bus terminal located at Inanam there. Guess what? I had my favourite Pan Mian with Teh C Ping.

It was almost 11 A.M. when we finished our breakfast, after sending my cousins to meet his friends, dad drives us to 1 Borneo. (Oh my, am I dreaming? Trying to slap a bit on my face to make sure I'm awake.) Because dad had refused to bring us to 1 Borneo before this, because of all kind of reasons such as still under constructions, hazardous place, securities unsafe and this and that. Ok, after left our car in the parking lots (It's free now, but soon there will be a charge later. That's what I'd read from one of the banner hanged up) Ok my first impression of 1 Borneo was it's more or likely the same with Mid Valley Megamall in KL.

The hypermall were packed with several famous outlets, boutiques, food courts, and the biggest cinema in town now - Golden Screen Cinema. Here I managed to snap some of them:

The Manhattan Fish Market

White Sand

Sushi King

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

I was actually thinking that there were something missing.... What could it be? Oh yes!!! Why I can't see any bookstores?? I was hoping that there were bookstores inside the mall. Any like Popular Bookstores, Kinokuya Bookstores, Times Bookstores or even MPH Bookstores. But none of them!!! I didn't managed to get myself any cloths since the price is cutting my neck out. But what's really drew my attention is the "Rainforest Exhibitions". (I'm not sure am I got it correct or not, since from the outlook - it's look like a jungle but don't know what's inside, since they required an entrance fees (I'd been trying to snap pictures the outlook of the "Jungle" but it seems the pictures I took all turned blur due to not enough lighting. I guess so)

It was already 3P.M. when we left the mall with empty hands. Oh gosh!!! I'm so damn tired. In future, I'm hoping that there were bookstores opening soon, and more fashion outlets such as Isetan and last but not least, yes!!!! The grand opening of the first Underwater World in KK (Let's beat down The Aquaria in KLCC) Heh... Heh... :)

17 July, 2008

I'm Getting Tired :(

Ok.... Whenever I'm saying this phrase "I'm Getting Tired", and I really mean it. Tired with my job, tired with my life, tired with peoples surrounding me, tired in everything existing in this world.

So often peoples asking me the same question "How much did you get your pay in your current job?" Erm... actually I don't mind letting people to know, it's not a secret for me. (Because it's all depends on your education level, if you were low educated then you will get a low pay, if you were high educated then you will get what you deserve to)

I remembered 3 years ago there was a friend of mine asked me, "Hey Ash, how much you get to pay for working almost 3 years in the company (That time I was working as an account clerk in an audit firm and it was my first job in my life). I told him as a fresh school leaver without any working experience, the pay surely very low one. And everyday I have to working under pressure (For those who been working with me before in the same company, I'm sure you guys will understand me.) Although working under pressure, but I'm still feel like I'm living a fruitful life each day because I get to learn new things each day but at the same time have to face the most CRUEL boss ever. (Thanks to everybody's concern especially Alex who been advicing me to quit the job even he left the company earlier on)

Picture Of All Staffs From The Company Back To Year 2005

What about 3 years later?? Yea... I did take his advice quit the job and landed in my current job. Well, working for another 3 years also, but what I get from it? Nothing!!!! To be honest, I didn't see any bright future on my current job. (Although the pay now much higher than the previous job, but nothing much I can learn from the job but gaining anger or maybe sometimes I can learn some computer knowledge from the IT Department - that's all)

As I always say, thank god I'm not a teacher. I hate facing students nowadays, they won't appreciate what you had done for them but will only treat you like one of their "MAID". Sometimes have to listen to their RUDE WORDS somemore. Don't know how long I can stand for such situations, or maybe I just can't escape from the "3 YEARS SPELL" - That's mean I made up my mind to quit the job again. And this time not the company or the boss's fault but the students. But let's hope this won't come true, I love the environment, prefer current boss.

Anyway, if it is God's plan - nothing much I can do just accept the plan. C'est La Vie which means "That's Life".

13 July, 2008

Upperstar (Damai Branch) : Yum Cha Sessions With Friends

Ok, let's see.... When was the last time I hanged out with friends? Huh... I guess would be the movie outing: Kung Fu Panda (With group of CSPians last month) If I'm Not Mistaken. HEH!! HEH!!

But last night, I managed to have a YUM CHA SESSIONS with my old buddy - Emelda and Chee Kuan along with us was a new member - Kenny (A friend of Emelda which is also my friend in FRIENDSTER.

The Yum Cha Session was actually planned as early as on last Friday. Which Emelda buzzed me up and keep on reminding me NOT TO have my cup of slimming tea on that day.

So as usual, Emelda picked me up around 9.30 P.M. from my house (I was actually knew that there will be a new member who will joining us last night, although Emelda had told me that the only people who had comfirmed of joining the sessions was only Chee Kuan.) But my six sense still told me that Kenny would be the Secret Guest of the night. (Since I missed out the last meeting with them last couple of weeks ago)

We were heading to our usual meeting place - Upperstar (Damai Branch)

The night were packed with a crowd of peoples. (Looks like there were a Birthday Celebrations on by a group of youngster. So it was a bit noisy. But our luck not bad though because we were managed to find an empty seats out of the crowd. So after we had settled down, as we were waiting for the arrival of Chee Kuan (He was a bit late due to he still got a meeting around) we had made our order first.

Here were some of the things we had ordered: (That I managed to snap)

Ice Lemonade


Chicken Steak

From our conversations, I knew that Kenny actually is one of my student librarian's (Catherine Teo) brother. (Hmmm...... no wonder catherine got my email address-lah)What a small world indeed. While we were enjoying our meals, Chee Kuan had started an interesting topic and yet everyone's favourites but also me and Emelda's fearing about the most. (He always be the "Pembawa" to talk about those scarry stuffs) "You better becareful, Chee Kuan!! You gona pay for this some other times." HEH...HEH... (Tulah... who told him to choose a time when it's almost midnight to SERVED the HORROR MEAL ) But, if not because of him we wouldn't knew that the car park in the basement of City Mall would be so haunted anyway.

We were forced to end our YUM CHA Session, because it was midnight and the restaurant were almost closed. Another reason was me and emelda getting shivery. So we had made a deal, in the next meeting - The Haunted/Scary topics will be the first topics of the conversations. (This is to avoid of scarryness of us - GIRL) Akekekkee......... sounds so SILLY!!!!

Event : In House Training

I supposed to blog this yesterday but It seems my timetable is pretty much occupied yesterday. Now only I managed to blog something here.

This is roughly what had happened yesterday, we had organized an "In House Training" for our new librarians. (Once in a year after the intakes been closed)

Event happening : In House Training (For All The Student Librarians)

Venue : KK High School (Library)

Time : 8:00 A.M. - 4.00 P.M. (But at the end, finished earlier than we had planned
around 1 P.M.)

Objective : - Teach the newbies how to handle the library

- Teach the newbies some knowledge in how to process whatever
books and materials that include in the library

- Teach the newbies about the functions of a library

- Motivated them

- Tutorial, Workshop and exams

Here are some pictures that I managed took while the event going on:

Josephine (The President) giving her explainations during the training.

Kenny (The Vice President) giving his explainations during the training.

Some Of The Participants Concerntrating During The Training.

You Can See The Blur Face On Them While The Exam Sessions On

P/S: Another group picture will be on after the process done. STAY TUNE!!!!

11 July, 2008


Why I did it? Am I selfish? Or it just a human's reaction? Ok this was happened this morning:

Early this morning, school still running the same as usual. And everyone was busy with their own tasks. Library also the same, accepts for one "CREATURE" - That's me!! (I'm kind of not in the right mood for WORKING . Maybe it was Friday). Suddenly the telephone rang, It was one of the clerk from the main office called up by saying there will be a second calling fire drill practice later on. And this time every residents from the school MUST get involved. (Whereby the first calling fire drill practice happend on last Wednesday - but only teachers and students were involved that time), the rest were not counted in.

After an hour after the calling, the fire drill bell rang. There were actually got 2 exit doors for the library - one was the emergency door which was located closest to me and the other door which was the main door, everyone was rushing out and gathered at an specific area as told earlier on. So without think twice, I had chosen the emergency door not just only it's closest to me but closest to staircases as well which not much peoples using it at that time - I was making a quick move because I don't want squeezed with crowd that I might "fell down" caused by the crowd pulling each other and the next thing was I might be late due to my "SNAIL" walk.

When I'm on my half way, I was thinking that "Am I forgotten something?" Oh Mine!!! "The Students!!". As a librarian - it's my responsibility to look after the student's safety first before myself, that's what I'm thinking (Same theory for those stewardess inside an air craft, izzitn't it?) But I did nothing but just RUN FOR MY LIFE!!! Although it just a FAKE fire drill practice, but leaving my other colleagues doing the job - It's bad enough. Why am I so selfish?? I promise never ever let this happen again in future....

08 July, 2008

Passport To No Where

Finally, I went to settle my passport business with my papa (While my mom not joining us because her passport still can be in used). Along with us was papa's former ex - colleague (He wants to check wheather his pension already done or not) in the Immigration Department which is located at Mini Putrajaya early this morning around 8A.M. (Almost close to Sepanggar Area and University Malaysia Sabah). It took us about one and a half hours to reach the place (What a long journey)

Actually I have never been there before all this while, maybe due to it was working days, we were hardly to get any parking space. As all the parking lots were packed with vehicles. So we forced to park on the other roadsides.

I managed to snap some of the outlook of the buildings:

There were actually various of departments that had moved to the new buildings such as Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN), Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Pelajaran (SPP), Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA).

Soon we arrived at the Immigration Department, we took a queue at one of the counter in order to get our "waiting ticket". Thank god they were not much peoples apply for passport at that time. So, I spent around 15 minutes of waiting before the calling. Me and my dad actually settle our matters in different counters separately.

"Miss, your photo can't be in used-lah." This was the reponse that given by the officer who served me at that time and he been asking me for another copy of photo. Oh dear, fortunenately I did bring along with me the "Monkey-Face" photo of me. So I have no choice, I still have to accept the fact that I MUST USE THE MONKEY-FACE PHOTO. After done with all the procedures of fingerprint verifying and signature. It was already 9:15A.M. , and as told by the officer - our passport probably only will be ready around 11A.M.

After paying the bills which cost me a total amount of RM600 for two peoples (Ok, the passport cost us RM300 each person - as earlier on, dad had made a deal with me, which is the bill of applying passport will goes to me, and the air fare bills will goes to him) Heh!!! Heh!!! That makes me safe a lot. (Or else I have to pay by my own AIR FARES (RM1,200) + PASSPORT (RM300) + CONVERTED CURRENCY (will be estimated around RM500) = RM2,000 (Gosh... I have to work hard for another four months in order to get back the amount of money I spent)

While waiting the passport to get ready, papa and his friend chose to take a stroll around the compounds while I chose to sit on and enjoy the cool breeze outside the building which there were small parks provided.

After sometimes, dad buzz me saying there were a cafeteria next to the building. So we had a short "YUM CHA SESSIONS" in the cafeteria. While my dad chit-chatting with his friend, I start my own activities of photo taking again.



It almost 11A.M. , it's time to get our new passport... So we get back to the department and we showed out our receipt of payment to the officer from the "Counter of Receiving". We were told to wait until we were called by them. So there's another WAIT on!! The next thing I knew, they were having minor problem (TECHNICAL PROBLEM) No Way Man!!!

There's no much we can do but wait. I can feel the room was lack of oxygen and getting heat up although there were full blast air-conditioned. Maybe the room exposed to the sunlight which shone from the transparent rooftop in one of the corner designed earlier on.

Wait and wait, finally we managed to get our passport. So all the matters had settled down, all we need is wait the date of on board to come.

The Old Passport

The New Passport

P/S: Showing "Monkey-Face" photo were pro-hibited here. So I'm not going to show the content of the passport here.

06 July, 2008

The War Had Come To The End With A Satisfaction

Ok I know some of you might get bored with my topic on the "Scratched Photo Crisis" lately. But guess what? All will be screwed up by today. Due to my habits, once I don't get the things done or the things I need I will never ever giving up in achieving it.

So, before I'm going to church with my church's friends this morning. I'm actually trying out my luck once again to convince my parents to help me develop the photo from the Photomat. Yes!!! This time I got it. Well at least I can let go off the "STONE" which is staying in my mind for the last few days.

After finished the Sunday Service, there's actually a prayer sessions in the church. But I didn't joined in for the prayer session because my friend tried to escape for joining it but as an excuse he saids want to drive me back. (That's what his honey saids) Astaga........ Mr Ho you shouldn't be like this.

Ok, I'm back at home, I saw something laid on top of the table, What could it be? Looking through it's my photo (Thanks papa for the help). But according to mama says due to the photo being improper transfered so as a result caused it looked kind of blur.... The photographer saids the size of the photo probably been resized. So she advised that if next time trying to grab a photo from any websites must be make sure that the procedures is correct and NO simply click COPY & PASTE . Ok, today I leant something new again.

So I'm still going to use the "BLUR" photo as my passport's photo, arggggggg...... I just can't wait 17th Sept to come.

05 July, 2008

Fewd : I Really Lost My Appetite

So my colleague brought me my favourite Malay desserts in the office today, but I choose to have it as my dinner later at night. Guess what? She brought me "Pais Pisang" and "Pulut Kelapa". The only Malay desserts that I like the most.

Pulut Kelapa

Pais Pisang

But, now almost late night and still I haven't eat them up. Mostly because my brain still stuck with the photo matters. I failed to convinced my parents to develop the scratched photo and dump that latest lammy photos as my new passport's photo. I'm so unhappy with it actually. Although they said the passport is not a document that oftenly in use. Yeah!! I knew that......... But I can't convinced myself to use the "Monkey Face" photos as my passport's photo. It's so DAMN UGLY!!!!

04 July, 2008

Boo, You Are Such An Ugly Duckling !!! You Know???

Yeah, If you ask me "What is the most hatest things I won't do and try to avoid of doing it?". Well I guess I will be saying "Showing myself in front of the mirror" and "Photo Taking Sessions."

Ok, I just want to SPAM a little bit in my blog to have a relief. (Coz my feeling is SUX now. What happen? Ok, here's what happened this afternoon:

"Oh My Gawd!! My passport sized photo's negative is scratched and no longer can be develop anymore!!!!" (That's the best and the most satisfied picture of me that I can said I ever took)


So I need to visit the Fotomart to take another collections of photo again for renewal of my expired passport.

Guess what? The result came out with a SUX!!! (It is so lame!!!) So, whole afternoon my brain was stuck with the matters. And I couldn't get myself finished up the debtors' list which supposed I gave myself the dead line by today and gona issue it to students by Monday. Out of sudden, something POP out in mind, I knew how to get my photo develop without using the scratched negative. The source is from the school websites, thank god they got uploaded the photo on the websites (Only I figured it out that time, Oh Holy Me!!!) So still I'm gona use it for my new passport later.

What the heck of bad things that I did in my previous life until the "PUNISHMENT" falls upon me in my current life now. "Am I Adolph Hitler once??? Then why I don't deserved any GOOD STUFFS but BAD STUFFS are queuing up.


I'm TIRED of people's weird eyesights.

I'm CARE of people's gossips.

I HATE people talking about the way how I walk.

"Stop questioning me, I hate answering any single questions"

Phew.... Hope won't scared off who ever read this post. I just need a space to SPAM OUT. And I'm feel much better now.

02 July, 2008

Infections But No Harm

Ok, just before heading to Hospital Likas this morning, there's a little "Biawak" had paid us a visit. I took the opportunity to snap it with my camera phone. Here how's it look like:

It took me and my mom half an hour to reach The Likas Hospital from our home. As soon as we reached in the hospital, we went to take the "Waiting Ticket" before we can go for further registrations business.

After settled down the registration in the registration counter and took my measurement of height and weight in the measurement room, we were waiting outside of Uncle Soo's Clinique (Which is Room 2)

It was bored while awaiting the call, since it's only 11A.M. most probably Uncle Soo won't turn up in such time. So in order to get rid of my boringness, I managed to snap some pictures around the hospital. It's been a crowded day indeed.

Some childrens were playing on the small indoor playground provided by the hospital:

While, some was enjoyed of their drawing sessions. (Ain't it much like a nursery??)

What about the nurses??? Oh yes, they were very busy too.

After the long wait, we noticed that all patients of Uncle Soo were called into Room 3 (Including me). Ok, Uncle Soo it's not around again.

Who's the doctor to replace then? It's Dr. Lim. My palm not that sweat anymore like previous after I knew I wasn't seeing Uncle Soo (But actually I prefer him) It's just I'm scared of being scolded because of my urine infected again. (Although Uncle Soo look fierce in the outlook but actually he is a nice caring doctor indeed.)

Well, as in my earlier expectation. Guess what? My urine got slightly infected again. But according to Dr. Lim, he saids "Although got slightly infected but it may do no harm to me at all. So as usual, he checks my blood pressure, checking my VP Shunt, studied my previous ultrasound films (thankgoodness he told me that there's no swollen, no stone grown in both of my kidneys), then we had a little bit chit-chats. He was questioning patient around my age still reffering Uncle Soo??? (Paediatrician) Oh well, this is a famous question that fraquently asked by other doctors as well. But still Uncle Soo wants to look after me. (Heh!! Heh!! they actually joking around already by saying "I'm Uncle Soo's pet!!!) Oh My Gawd!!! The review was ended almost 1P.M. And I'm still have to rush back to work again. Hopefully will be meeting Uncle Soo in the next review in 3 months time again.

Judgement Day..... Hopefully It's ok........

Ok, now the time is 9A.M on Wednesday. Which means I still got another hour before going to Hospital Likas for another review with Uncle Soo (My Paediatrician since 1992)

Basically, everytime check - up the things must included as below:

1) Urine culture (C & S type) MUST Ok (This is IMPORTANT if infection shown Uncle Soo will KILL me!!!!!)

2) Blood Test MUST OK & Blood Pressure is normal

3) My Urine Volume Chart (Oh My God!!! Today I couldn't show because I'm been "Auntie Visit" for past a weeks) OR should I said actually I forgot to do it. Hopefully Uncle Soo is in the right mood and my urine culture test is ok. (Please do pray for me)

4) My VP Shunt - Yes! Uncle Soo will usually check it wheather got any blockage on it or not.

5) Ultrasounds (To ensure that both of my kidneys no sign of swollen and no stones grown)

After gone through all these, I'm considering PASS.

Urine Culture that I took last week (Please YOU MUST NOT get infected.)

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