05 June, 2008

Yesterday Petrol Price Rose, Today Electricity Bill Rise

Wow!! If you have read recently newspapers, I'm sure the "Hot Breaking News" is none other than the risen of the petrol price up to RM2.70 per litre. Whoap...... That's too much !!! How's the public gona survive in future??

Just the breaking news out from yesterday, today got another bad news again. What?? Not again???..... Electricity Bils is up!! up!! UP!! SIGH.... What the heck those stupid government are doing?? That's putting such a heavy burdon on us. And yet one thing seems not making it move is none other than - OUR SALARY!!! I think the government should consider our situations, make it balance - once everything is up, should be our salary also follow to increase at least a bit. Don't you guys think???

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