20 June, 2008

Unexpected Guest

Phew.. another working day, but I'm kind of relieve after a whole day of worrying about the missing Pringles from the hamper pack prepared by the Vocational Society for somekind of games called "Guess The Price". The teacher in-charge finally moved it without blaming us. Hoorey!!!!!

"Honey... honey... please pick up my call..." Suddenly it sounds like my handphone is ringing. "Hello... It's me - Emelda, U haven't went for lunch right? I want to return your library books, find you later on" What a long life, she's my only best friend ever. Let's see for 14 years? Gosh! I din't realized we knowing each other for that long time. Accompany with her is her second brother (Vincent) whom now taking Mass - Communications at Unversity Science Malaysia, Penang - I guess he wants to get his STPM certificate and having a 2 months of his semester break.

Never seen her around for quite a period of time, as she been busy practising her Hip Hop dance and performed in the Cultural Festival held in UMS early this 7 & 8 June. She's the only "kaki" that accompany me for window shopping every weeks, as well as "kaki" for YUM CHA session at least once in a week. Maybe we din't meet up for quite a long time until we lost our control "Laugh, Laugh, Laugh" til ignoring peoples surrounding us. We managed to take some photos outside the library (because they did bring a digital camera.) Wow.......... How long we din't took picture together huh?? Erm....... 2, 3 years? Izzit?? Oh well, whatever.. but hey, just a reminder in case you read my blog: "So Po Zai, quick quick process the pictures we took this morning and post it to your friendster account, so that I can grab it from youlah. Hope we can spend another windowshopping session or yum cha session very soon.

P/S : How dare you forget my upcoming birthday!!!! Oh well, must beat your buttock already. (Just kidding, ehehhehe....... I also sometimes forgot your birthday too. It's a fair game now.)

Emelda & Me

Vincent & Me

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