19 June, 2008

Movie Outing With CSPians From CSP Forum : Kung Fu Panda

Well, haven't seen a movie for a while already. Let's see....Hmmm.... I think the last movie that I watched was the CJ7 somewhere around February.

Oh well, finally got to watch the "Kung Fu Panda" at Cathay last night with a bunch of new friends and they were from the CSP Forum which I started to play on the 20th April this year. They were all together 15 of us who had joined for the movie outing. (Including me, Chucky, Dori, Irtea, Cubex, Dias, Shiver, Rob, Kanariya, Massy, 540, Rina, Rina's mom, Acom and Irtea's mom.)

A "MUST" thanks to Chucky because he's willing to fetch me and the most important thing was - he helped me settled the ticket booking matters with Kanariya, when I nearly din't get into the outing. Another "BIG" thanks to Kanariya for booking the ticket. (Need to apologize to both of you for the inconvenience)

Supposed the movie starts exactly 7:30P.M. , but guess what? Another "Delay Flight". The show only starts around 8:00P.M. At the meantime, I was playing Tetris with my phone since Chucky who sat on my left handside almost fell into "Sleep Kingdom". And I'm not quite familiar with the rest of the CSPians (Shiver, which sat next to me in the right hand side.)

Ok, back to the movie. Really a "Thumb UP" movie!!! Laughing all the way from the begining til the end. Even as a serious guy as Chucky also given his big laugh. SERIOUSly, never seen he laughing in such way in workplace. (Chucky, U should keep that smile oftenly, oh well at least I'd seen the other sides of Chucky. Heh!! Heh!!) About the movie, I'm just put my entire focus on that panda's tummy - It's equal to my dad's tummy (2 x 5 sahaja akekekeek.........) I'm giving the movie 10/10 for making me TEARS SPLASHING!!!!

As usual, after the movie we had a YUM CHA session at Salim's - a place that never been there a decade of time already. Guess what again? I met Rachael (My ex - colleague who is from the Audit Firm) and her boyfriend with 2 of their friends in the same shop either, but I din't go near and greet them, it just simply because I don't want to disturb them. (But I guess her boyfriend had spotted me)

Well, I guess my mouth had been zipped up for the whole YUM CHA session. Firstly, this was the first meeting. Whenever came into first meeting - I'm always be the DUMBER. Secondly, I want to observe what usually their topic was? Online Games..... that's what their topic was. OMG!!! I'm not into online games and to be honest I seldom use English to communicate. So in order to make less mistakes I'd been keeping my mouth zipped up!!! But, I do hope the situations get improve when the next meeting is on. (Hopefully I can still join them up and NICE TO MEET YOU ALL!!!)


D.Marcus said...

Whoa. It's okay, boo. You just need to hang out with us more.

Like, a session of boardgame, perhaps?

- shiVER

BOO said...

Yea... I guess so, Shiver. Hopefully will be another meeting coming up.

maslight said...

hey boo, it's fine, 1st time is owez like dat..u need more randomness in u...oh u haven't seen duck (chucky) in hyper mode yet...it's worst i tell u...worst!!! oh the horror!!! ogie, i'm exaggerating..

yeah, lets haf some boardgame session ...so wut do u normally do? XD

BOO said...

nothing much... vuk, vuk, vuk saje. Just starting from last year quite active with blogging, sometimes have a yum cha session with ex schoolmates. Seldom going out though coz I dunwan to trouble peoples so much bah, since I duno how to drive.

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