22 June, 2008

Missing Nose Pad VS Chocolates VS Pizza

Due to the late sleep last night, this morning kind of late wake up around 10A.M. (Arggg... actually my aunty caused the "wake up" when she paid a visit to my house. Since her voice so powerful.) After done my wash - up, without taking any breakfast I try to push myself into bed again but failed to do so, because - sound pollution from the living room. (The reason why i skip my breakfast, it's because mama prepared a "Fried Fish Head Bee Hoon Soap". (Yucks!!! SEAFOOD my ENEMY ). So I had decided to have my B-R-U-N-C-H later on.

12:30P.M. - time to feed myself already, auntie haven't gone home yet. So my papa brought us to Foh Chuan Restaurant to have lunch. (A famous restaurant located around Wong Kwok area - this is the place where we usually have our breakfast on weekends.) And my favourite dish is none other then their "kon Lou Mee". After finish our eating session, papa plans to take us windowshopping at Wisma Merdeka. Oh good, how long I had not pay a visit to any of the shopping mall already huh??? I can't recall, but all I know I've been locked up at home a decade of time already, now finally I'm FREE LIKE A BIRD.

First thing that appeared in my mind is that - I must get a pair of new nose pads for my glasses. It had been missing for couple of months already. So as soon as I reached the mall, I made my quick move to the Elite Optic House while the rest shop in Watson) Oh well I din't met the boss but the workers entertained me (Why I want to meet the boss? Neh.... hopefully I can get a discounts or free bah, hehhe........) Since I knew the boss of the shop.) But guess what? 1 pair of nose pads cost me RM5, not bad though along with cleaning business as well as fixing business. Finally I got my new nose pads. Hoorey!!!

On the other sides, my parents and my auntie still stuck in the Watson Shop. I was quite shocked when I knew they had bought lotsa of chocolates. According to the shop assistant, actually they are having a last day sales for today. So all the items' price is 50% onwards. Wow!!! So my dad managed to grab few boxes of imported chocolates (Actually it's made in Malaysia, but my dad keep on saying IMPORTED ) Ok whatever............. but WATCH OUT while you are eating too much of it. The doctor said your sugar level is UP!! UP!! UP!!

At night, one of my cousins from Sandakan had visited us and brought us a pizza - the latest product from the Pizza Hut. Wow another eating sessions is on. Without realizing I have eaten about 3 to 4 pieces. Astaga!!! I'm gona pay for this later on. Gaining fat again!! :(

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