23 June, 2008

Launching Of A New Blazer: What Do You Guys Think?

3 years, after 3 years of argueing of the new image for the student librarians. Finally, they had came out with a new blazer (Somekind of jacket in order to built up their new image and personality)

But all this have to wait for the principal's approval. SIGH... this is how the government people SLOW-MOTION action. At the begining the teacher in charge suggested the blazer in green in colour. WHAT ? Green again? I almost spotted the colour of green every single corners of the library. But, phew... guess what? Thank god, it's not really came out with a green-ish but blue-ish. NICE!!! I love it!! (They are so formal)

So here the sample that I managed to snap this morning. (Thanks to our pretty president and charming vice-president) You guys really look gorgeous on that blazer.

Blazer In Charming (Kenny as the model)

Blazer In Pretty (Josephine as the model)

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