09 June, 2008

I Stucked In The Middle Of Flood

Rain... rain go away... wow looked up the sky, it was like covered with huge huge "Black Rock". And yet I'm still in the school library. Out of sudden, the rain started pouring down in just a blink of eyes.

My two other colleagues (Sam and Andrew)had made their moved first early on, only left Charles and me in the office. After I had finished up my clean-up job and all the students gone out, I'm too left the library. On that time, the rain still pounding heavily, my colleague - Sam kept calling me (I guess If I;m not mistaken, I've been received her calls up to 3 times already, she was stuck in the car park, according to her, she saids the car parks was flooded with water. I was quetioning at that time, why my father din't turned up.. huh? As usual he did, he must turned up on time. Soon I finished the clean up, I went to downstairs outside the main office, where I usually waiting my dad to pick me up. There were huge crowd around six teachers and students were still waiting someone to pick them up too.

The water level started to rise higher and higher, the road in front of the school started to cover with water. Suddenly I received a call from my mom, she saids it might be late, coz the both roads from Jalan Hospital and Luyang were covered with waters and hardly to get an alternative road to get into my school. Then I told them nevermind I can wait in the school. Just have to wait the water level gone down. But the most unhappy thing that making me mad was they kept calling me, and my mom start blaming me that "why don't call them up early on to pick me up?" It's like I'm the one who asking the heavy rain.

Soon or later, around half past six, my other colleague too made his move. So that's mean left me the only one from my department that haven't gone home. Together with the teachers and students we had waited nearly two hours, my dad called up again, I was in mad mode at that time, because of the none stop repeating incoming calls from them, I was start worrying my battery running low. Then I was asking favour from Ms Bevina, one of the teacher from the school wheather I can have a ride. It was seven something, finally our saviour was here. He's actually Ms Bevina sister's boyfriend. Thanks him to let me have a ride too. We actually turning around the area Penampang to seek a side that allows us to go out from the "Flood Kingdom". We wasted another hour, oh my god!!!! The whole area turned into a "maze" indeed. Inside the car, we managed to have a little chat, once again what a small small world it is - This guy whom was Ms Bevina sister's boyfriend was actually one of my senior back to high school though. He told me that he quite familiar with me. No way man, because my look nothing special at all. Then the next thing was, he graduated from class of 99. Which was same year as See Ka Kiat - one of the senior that I had a crashed once.

Ok back to story, without noticed we actually managed to get ourselves out from the "flood kingdom". But once again we get stucked in front of the archives, looks like there's a serious road congestion occured, I had actually noticed that some cars was left along the roadside due to the flood, and some peoples start walking without their shoes on. Around 8.30P.M., I managed to get back home. Imagine only from Penampang to Luyang, It tooks me 3 hours - the timing it's just like took a flight from KK to KL already. Tonight is the night that I felt really really starving. All I need now is fooooooooooooooood................

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