02 June, 2008

I Learn Something New Today

Keep on upgrading!!! That's what I need now.

Recently, I'd realized that I'm far left behind from other peoples' footstep. For example in the office, sometimes I don't get what the 3 of my colleagues from IT Department are talking about.... shamed of me!!! (For them, maybe I'm just like a 3 years old kid, that don't know anything.) That's mostly the computer knowledge.

When I hang out with my buddies, It's seems i don't even get the interest to join their chit-chat topics, such as cloths, make ups, boyfriends (Coz I always think that I don't deserve to get anyone of them as stated.) I'm actually worrying my life will just stop right where I'm now. So, everytime I will grabbed the chances to learn anything as I can in order to keep myself upgrading. (Yeah!! Although I knew I'm a slow catcher.)

But, today I had leant something new, how to insert the "copy right" sign into my photos. I know it's a little bit childish, and I think everyone had already knew it earlier on. Why I want to know it? It's because I saw it first in my friends' blogs. Everyone got their own "mark", so I also don't want to left behind, so I made up my mind to ask my "Sifu of Computer". Heh heh.... you know who you are. Thank you for teaching me. According to my Sifu, in order to insert a text into the photo I need a software that can required me to perform that action. So first thing pop out in my mind on that time is none other then Photoshop that I had learnt during the ICT Course held by the school last March this year. Then, I quickly open the software that I grabbed from another colleague this morning, and quickly did the installation job and start playing around with it. Here's are some photos that I practices with:

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