29 June, 2008

God Is Calling..... (Holy Communion Sunday)

Yup!! It's Sunday morning. It's my day, the first birthday present that I received was a "God's Call". He's calling through a long lost Sister In Christ (Terry) to attend a Sunday service at their church (The D' Gap Baptist Church) which is located next to The Avena Cake House, Kepayan Ridge)

It's been a long long time since I lost In Christ for some reasons. But now I'm back! The church are having their Holy Communion Sunday this morning.

The Service started approximately 9A.M. and ended around 11A.M. Although the church is kind of small that only packed with about 70/80 peoples, and their music band only equipped 2 guitarists, a pianist and a drummer, but stil very powerful. All the peoples in the service were very nice and friendly, Especially the pastor (Pastor Serena) Oh Dear!! She still remember my name, although I only visited them twice last year in a Christmas Dinner at the church and a cell group meeting at Mr Ho's house.

There's actually a combine sessions which sermons were given both in English (by Pastor Serena and Mandarin translations given by one of the church member). Pastor Serena is a good sermons giver indeed. You won't feel YAWN OUT while she's giving her sermons. Hope there will be more meetings on. Let's live in the presence of God.

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