27 June, 2008

Throwing A Smile : Does It Mean LOVE ???

Ok it is a habit for me to keep a smile on my face during talking to peoples unless I'm not in good mood or in stress then the "Sour Face" only will show up. This was taught by one of my former science teacher during my schooltimes. She saids "Don't bother how people look at you. Don't look down to yourself just simply because you are bit different from others. Just throw your smile and people will focusing on your smile in stead of your handicap. But sometimes most peoples will wrong judging me. And for my opinion it is a manner.

Well I admit that, In the school where I'm working at - there's a large population of students who love to talk to me and share their problems to me, even colleagues sometimes might do so either. (Statistic showed opposite sex higher than the same sex) Well, usually I'll keep that smile on my face whenever talk to them. But for those who don't understand me, they will think out something let's say "Ehem.....ehem...... Eeee...... U xxxx that who ar??? Owe My Gawd!! What the heck??? Just today occured 3 situations with 3 different parties.

I was helping the executive in her office located in the school hall this morning, while a bunch of students having their last rehersal for tomorrow's school annual concert show. So on and off, I was slipped away and went to watch their rehersal (Of course it's with her permission) And I bumped with this 2 little Upper 6 fellows, and get started to talk to them, not until one of them said "hey, you look happy when you talk to xxx... U are xxx with xxx izzit? Huh?!!!! I was cracking my head that time.......

In the afternoon, after finished helping out with the executive I was back to library, my fellow librarians were trying to re-arrange the library. So it's kind of messy in the library at that moment. And of course I'm surely not in the right mood again. But guess what? An unexpected guest had visited me again - It was "Kambing" A.K.A Wong - a former Upper Six student 2 years ago, As usual we are actually very familiar to each other already. he din't enter the room but chose to stand still outside near my working desk. we were throwing a smile as a sign of "Hi". Not until one of my fellow student librarian said "Ehem....Ehemm ... He is your xxx?", "I thought he was coz he look mature than you". Owe My Gawd!!! Please, excuse me. I know I'm kind of short.

Ok, this one. I knew every students' Idol. Well at least not for me. We are more than just a workmate, a nice gossipper. (Because we are very famiiar with every single "Dust" in the school.) As usual, when he talks a natural smiling is on the face. Even if he is not smiling but people will thought that he is smiling. That's the reason why I'm comfortable when talk to him. We are same "channel". This afternoon we had a little chat, and while his fans saw us. After the short conversations, his fans asking if he trying to flirt around? Oh man!! Kids, I think you guys think too much already.

Throwing A Smile : Does It Mean LOVE ??? Well, seriously "NO"! Well, I may think that I have to learn how to be cool in order to avoid unneccesary missunderstading in future anymore.

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