04 June, 2008

ENT Review Again

One month already, phew.... never thought that time can slip so fast like a lightning. It's time for me to do my second review on my ear again. (For my old readers, you should know what happen to my ears last month and for those who din't know what exactly happend to me last month so just allow me to say it again) Well, last month this day I have been suffered from a hearing loss situations. But now it seems I'm getting recover already and can hear well already after taken dozens of pils. But just want to make sure I'm fully recovered so attended the appointment at Quen Elizabeth Hospital.

Morning, as usual i went to office while my parents help me to get a numbers from the hospital to avoid getting a far behind numbers later on - so I got my lucky number 34, actually today is also my colleague's review day too. She been suffered from pain on period, so she is being reffered by the Genekology Department. Oh my god, we had a crash, we don't realized that we had the same day of appointment. But mine's was 12noon and her's 11A.M., but thankgoodness it's school holidays, so it doesn't have any big problem at all because school holidays seldom got students pay a visit to the library.

So around 11.30A.M., my dad picked me up from office and headimg to the hospital. As soon as we had reached the ENT clinique, the nurse had already called out my name. Wow, so fast?? Actually according to her, she's been repeating my name again and again. Lolz....... I thought it might be take sometimes to wait but end up no need to wait. I've been expecting to see Dr. Chong again today, but guess what?? He seems not around, then I'd been reviewed by another chinese male doctor. (He was just unlike a doctor, because he got playful personality) After he had studied my case note, and did the checking and Q & A sessions, he suggest me to have a hearing test in the other room. What the heck is that?

So I waited outside the waiting hall, not long ago, here this little officer asked me to come in. Inside the room, there was plenty of machines, first the all he asked me to sit down and then he put something on my ear to test my hearing volume. As soon as he got the result based on a chart, another test is on - that's the hearing test which he put an ear-phone on me, and ask me to listen the voice inside the earphone. The test took me about 20 minutes, then I got my result - It's ok!! I'm totally recovered. After the doctor studied my result, he declare that I'm 100% recovered, so there's no more upcoming review on ENT anymore in future, but he did said if I'm not feeling well I can call them up anytime in their clinique though. so the X-FILE CLOSED!!!


Cahaya Bulan said...

happy to hear about ur ENT problems is solved..

BOO said...

cahaya bulan : tx for ur concern

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