05 June, 2008

Cousins's Wedding Lunch

"40's over gal married to a 20's boy" Ain't that kind of weird? Erm...... Neh... some will say "Age" really not a big matter at all, the most important things both parties are true, honest and love to each others.

This afternoon I've just attended my cousins' wedding lunch happening at MoonFlower Vegetarian Restaurant located somewhere near Foo Ping Dim Sum Restaurant at Lintas here. The Wedding Lunch Banquet was in Buffet style that served all kind of vegetarian dishes. Both the bride and bridegroom look awesome. Especially the bridegroom - very tall. That's made them don't look much different from their age.

According to one of my relatives, the bridegroom actually is my little brother's schoolmate's brother.Huh? What a small small world indded. During on the lunch session, I did bumped with him too. He was eating there with his girlfriend either, we did'nt greet to each other until he noticed me. Heh....heh.... I don't want disturb him with her girlfriend because from what I knew his girlfriend kind of sensitive type.

On the other hand, early this year my another younger cousins who just get married, now seeing her having a baby boy already. What? Having baby in the young age like 19. I can't imagine what it will be like if the situations happened on myself. That's definately NO Way Man!!! The baby boy is so adorable, just like a big baby compared with his mother look small.

Soon or later it's almost 2P.M., after finished the lunch I had to rush back to office. Sigh...... after eaten so full felt like sleepy, but thank god it's still in school holiday mode. Hoorey!!!

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