13 June, 2008

Argggg...... Why This Feelings???

Owe My Gawd........... How I wish Gremlin Koko was here with me... Why I get into such feelings again. :( There's too many things inside my head now. I knew my colleagues had noticed it, but nothing much I can let go.

First the all, "Future" - I'm always worrying my future, I can't make myself not thinking of my future. Why I'm so left behind? "Love Life" - recently, I had received many news about relatives getting married, friends getting married, ex - schoolmates getting married. But me??? Sigh ...... don't even dare to think of it. I'm just like the eight years ago "Me". Nothing improve, everyday "work, work, work". Sometimes I kept asking myself, people like me, izzit really don't deserve such privillege?

Secondly, "Work" - for the past few weeks, I was coped with various events. School's concert - Some of you may ask what's the relations librarian with school's concert, yeah......... by right, both are not related at all. But I was the one who assigned to get the concert tickets done in three days. Oh my god, which means I have to abundon my library job and concerntrate with the tones of tickets. Chinese Chess Competition - same as last year, I'd been asked by the organiser of the competition to be their typist, helping them type all their minutes. Is this part of my job? Sometimes I think my work just like a plate of rojak. But I know the IT Department's colleagues also having the same circumstances as I did, even worst than me. Be cool! pals.

When think back, the school are really not giving their co-operations at all. Their are too dependful to us, throwing all their responsibility to us, bullying us like that. It's kind of torture. I think without the school board, the whole school might collapse one day, but then they seems not a single aprreciations at all from them, but full of critisms.

Somehow, for the rest of the workmates, keep on rolling. I knew we can make it. I know I can't help much, but at least let me play the role of "Joker" keep on entertaining you guys. Akekeke.........

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