29 June, 2008

Presents & Greetings

Just another few seconds, my birthday fever has come to the end. Although no party was held, not a single presents received. But still, they are a list of friends and buddies to thank with:

K, first the all I would like to thank those who called for birthday greetings (From Emelda), SMS wishes - Ben Hor (all the way from Kedah)and Josephine (Ahah... see you tomorrow) , greetings from the new gang of friends from CSP Forum, greetings from the Friendster's friends (such as Jack Yii all the way from England, Lissa, SS Boy, Jen, Jason, Reeve, Fung, ღKa怡ღ , Elynn, Wen Fui, Jesper, YewYew, Brenda, Irene, Jacqueline) and those from Facebook.

Oh last but not least, thanks to mama for the Ang Pau (This made my second wish nearly come true)

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