29 June, 2008

Presents & Greetings

Just another few seconds, my birthday fever has come to the end. Although no party was held, not a single presents received. But still, they are a list of friends and buddies to thank with:

K, first the all I would like to thank those who called for birthday greetings (From Emelda), SMS wishes - Ben Hor (all the way from Kedah)and Josephine (Ahah... see you tomorrow) , greetings from the new gang of friends from CSP Forum, greetings from the Friendster's friends (such as Jack Yii all the way from England, Lissa, SS Boy, Jen, Jason, Reeve, Fung, ღKa怡ღ , Elynn, Wen Fui, Jesper, YewYew, Brenda, Irene, Jacqueline) and those from Facebook.

Oh last but not least, thanks to mama for the Ang Pau (This made my second wish nearly come true)

God Is Calling..... (Holy Communion Sunday)

Yup!! It's Sunday morning. It's my day, the first birthday present that I received was a "God's Call". He's calling through a long lost Sister In Christ (Terry) to attend a Sunday service at their church (The D' Gap Baptist Church) which is located next to The Avena Cake House, Kepayan Ridge)

It's been a long long time since I lost In Christ for some reasons. But now I'm back! The church are having their Holy Communion Sunday this morning.

The Service started approximately 9A.M. and ended around 11A.M. Although the church is kind of small that only packed with about 70/80 peoples, and their music band only equipped 2 guitarists, a pianist and a drummer, but stil very powerful. All the peoples in the service were very nice and friendly, Especially the pastor (Pastor Serena) Oh Dear!! She still remember my name, although I only visited them twice last year in a Christmas Dinner at the church and a cell group meeting at Mr Ho's house.

There's actually a combine sessions which sermons were given both in English (by Pastor Serena and Mandarin translations given by one of the church member). Pastor Serena is a good sermons giver indeed. You won't feel YAWN OUT while she's giving her sermons. Hope there will be more meetings on. Let's live in the presence of God.

H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y BOO !!!!!!!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1............. Happy Birthday, Boo!!! You are 26 today!!! Uhuk... Uhuk... getting older already :(

Ok, stop making noncense and let's make a wish:

Here is the list of wish (Hope it is not too long) Akeekek........

1. Keep on DIETING

2. Money!! Money!! come!! come!!!!

3. Be more mature, no more childish

4. I want digital camera

5. Last but not least, neh... this one must sing a song "Hey, hey, Mr. Cupid please come and visit me. (Eh.... Urg.... just ignore this one if you feel like vomit.)

Ok, just wish myself stay pretty (Although not pretty), stay cute (But dunwan cute until people thought like childish), think what get what (Money ke nie?)

Ok, Good Night, BOO!!!!

27 June, 2008

Throwing A Smile : Does It Mean LOVE ???

Ok it is a habit for me to keep a smile on my face during talking to peoples unless I'm not in good mood or in stress then the "Sour Face" only will show up. This was taught by one of my former science teacher during my schooltimes. She saids "Don't bother how people look at you. Don't look down to yourself just simply because you are bit different from others. Just throw your smile and people will focusing on your smile in stead of your handicap. But sometimes most peoples will wrong judging me. And for my opinion it is a manner.

Well I admit that, In the school where I'm working at - there's a large population of students who love to talk to me and share their problems to me, even colleagues sometimes might do so either. (Statistic showed opposite sex higher than the same sex) Well, usually I'll keep that smile on my face whenever talk to them. But for those who don't understand me, they will think out something let's say "Ehem.....ehem...... Eeee...... U xxxx that who ar??? Owe My Gawd!! What the heck??? Just today occured 3 situations with 3 different parties.

I was helping the executive in her office located in the school hall this morning, while a bunch of students having their last rehersal for tomorrow's school annual concert show. So on and off, I was slipped away and went to watch their rehersal (Of course it's with her permission) And I bumped with this 2 little Upper 6 fellows, and get started to talk to them, not until one of them said "hey, you look happy when you talk to xxx... U are xxx with xxx izzit? Huh?!!!! I was cracking my head that time.......

In the afternoon, after finished helping out with the executive I was back to library, my fellow librarians were trying to re-arrange the library. So it's kind of messy in the library at that moment. And of course I'm surely not in the right mood again. But guess what? An unexpected guest had visited me again - It was "Kambing" A.K.A Wong - a former Upper Six student 2 years ago, As usual we are actually very familiar to each other already. he din't enter the room but chose to stand still outside near my working desk. we were throwing a smile as a sign of "Hi". Not until one of my fellow student librarian said "Ehem....Ehemm ... He is your xxx?", "I thought he was coz he look mature than you". Owe My Gawd!!! Please, excuse me. I know I'm kind of short.

Ok, this one. I knew every students' Idol. Well at least not for me. We are more than just a workmate, a nice gossipper. (Because we are very famiiar with every single "Dust" in the school.) As usual, when he talks a natural smiling is on the face. Even if he is not smiling but people will thought that he is smiling. That's the reason why I'm comfortable when talk to him. We are same "channel". This afternoon we had a little chat, and while his fans saw us. After the short conversations, his fans asking if he trying to flirt around? Oh man!! Kids, I think you guys think too much already.

Throwing A Smile : Does It Mean LOVE ??? Well, seriously "NO"! Well, I may think that I have to learn how to be cool in order to avoid unneccesary missunderstading in future anymore.

24 June, 2008

Rumours Spark Petrol Panic In Sabah

This is what I read in the STAR Online Newspapers. (NOT AGAIN!!!!!) What the heck is going on in today's Malaysia society?? And what will happen next after oil's price increased, rice's price increased, and other sorts of daily needs increased ?

KOTA KINABALU: Petrol kiosks were jammed with motorists as panic-buying of fuel was seen throughout Sabah over rumours of petrol kiosks closing down for three days.

The panic was triggered by rumours that petrol kiosk will shut down from Wednesday because protesting kiosk dealers nationwide were demanding higher commissions following the recent fuel hike.

Officials from Shell Malaysia and the Sabah Petroleum Dealers Association stressed that there was no truth to the rumour, and urged people not to resort to panic buying.

"We were told that petrol kiosks were going to close for three days. I rushed from my office to fill my tank,” said motorist Abdul Rashmin Salleh, who said there were also rumours of further price hikes.

Despite being assured that there was no shutdown or fuel hikes, one motorist said that he was not taking the risk.

Most petrol kiosk and roads approaching them were jammed as people waited in long queues to get their tanks filled up; traffic in the city centre came to a standstill during the office rush hour.

In some areas like interior Keningau, queues were as long as 2km, while kiosks ran out of supply.

"Shell retail stations nationwide continue with normal operating hours,” a Sabah Shell spokesman said in a statement

And here are some photos that I took during my dad and I on our way to pick my mom up from RTM today. All Petrol stations were packed with vehicles. Sigh.... and we spent almost an hours to reach home which usually we only spend about 15 minutes to 20 minutes away.

23 June, 2008

Launching Of A New Blazer: What Do You Guys Think?

3 years, after 3 years of argueing of the new image for the student librarians. Finally, they had came out with a new blazer (Somekind of jacket in order to built up their new image and personality)

But all this have to wait for the principal's approval. SIGH... this is how the government people SLOW-MOTION action. At the begining the teacher in charge suggested the blazer in green in colour. WHAT ? Green again? I almost spotted the colour of green every single corners of the library. But, phew... guess what? Thank god, it's not really came out with a green-ish but blue-ish. NICE!!! I love it!! (They are so formal)

So here the sample that I managed to snap this morning. (Thanks to our pretty president and charming vice-president) You guys really look gorgeous on that blazer.

Blazer In Charming (Kenny as the model)

Blazer In Pretty (Josephine as the model)

22 June, 2008

Missing Nose Pad VS Chocolates VS Pizza

Due to the late sleep last night, this morning kind of late wake up around 10A.M. (Arggg... actually my aunty caused the "wake up" when she paid a visit to my house. Since her voice so powerful.) After done my wash - up, without taking any breakfast I try to push myself into bed again but failed to do so, because - sound pollution from the living room. (The reason why i skip my breakfast, it's because mama prepared a "Fried Fish Head Bee Hoon Soap". (Yucks!!! SEAFOOD my ENEMY ). So I had decided to have my B-R-U-N-C-H later on.

12:30P.M. - time to feed myself already, auntie haven't gone home yet. So my papa brought us to Foh Chuan Restaurant to have lunch. (A famous restaurant located around Wong Kwok area - this is the place where we usually have our breakfast on weekends.) And my favourite dish is none other then their "kon Lou Mee". After finish our eating session, papa plans to take us windowshopping at Wisma Merdeka. Oh good, how long I had not pay a visit to any of the shopping mall already huh??? I can't recall, but all I know I've been locked up at home a decade of time already, now finally I'm FREE LIKE A BIRD.

First thing that appeared in my mind is that - I must get a pair of new nose pads for my glasses. It had been missing for couple of months already. So as soon as I reached the mall, I made my quick move to the Elite Optic House while the rest shop in Watson) Oh well I din't met the boss but the workers entertained me (Why I want to meet the boss? Neh.... hopefully I can get a discounts or free bah, hehhe........) Since I knew the boss of the shop.) But guess what? 1 pair of nose pads cost me RM5, not bad though along with cleaning business as well as fixing business. Finally I got my new nose pads. Hoorey!!!

On the other sides, my parents and my auntie still stuck in the Watson Shop. I was quite shocked when I knew they had bought lotsa of chocolates. According to the shop assistant, actually they are having a last day sales for today. So all the items' price is 50% onwards. Wow!!! So my dad managed to grab few boxes of imported chocolates (Actually it's made in Malaysia, but my dad keep on saying IMPORTED ) Ok whatever............. but WATCH OUT while you are eating too much of it. The doctor said your sugar level is UP!! UP!! UP!!

At night, one of my cousins from Sandakan had visited us and brought us a pizza - the latest product from the Pizza Hut. Wow another eating sessions is on. Without realizing I have eaten about 3 to 4 pieces. Astaga!!! I'm gona pay for this later on. Gaining fat again!! :(

20 June, 2008

Unexpected Guest

Phew.. another working day, but I'm kind of relieve after a whole day of worrying about the missing Pringles from the hamper pack prepared by the Vocational Society for somekind of games called "Guess The Price". The teacher in-charge finally moved it without blaming us. Hoorey!!!!!

"Honey... honey... please pick up my call..." Suddenly it sounds like my handphone is ringing. "Hello... It's me - Emelda, U haven't went for lunch right? I want to return your library books, find you later on" What a long life, she's my only best friend ever. Let's see for 14 years? Gosh! I din't realized we knowing each other for that long time. Accompany with her is her second brother (Vincent) whom now taking Mass - Communications at Unversity Science Malaysia, Penang - I guess he wants to get his STPM certificate and having a 2 months of his semester break.

Never seen her around for quite a period of time, as she been busy practising her Hip Hop dance and performed in the Cultural Festival held in UMS early this 7 & 8 June. She's the only "kaki" that accompany me for window shopping every weeks, as well as "kaki" for YUM CHA session at least once in a week. Maybe we din't meet up for quite a long time until we lost our control "Laugh, Laugh, Laugh" til ignoring peoples surrounding us. We managed to take some photos outside the library (because they did bring a digital camera.) Wow.......... How long we din't took picture together huh?? Erm....... 2, 3 years? Izzit?? Oh well, whatever.. but hey, just a reminder in case you read my blog: "So Po Zai, quick quick process the pictures we took this morning and post it to your friendster account, so that I can grab it from youlah. Hope we can spend another windowshopping session or yum cha session very soon.

P/S : How dare you forget my upcoming birthday!!!! Oh well, must beat your buttock already. (Just kidding, ehehhehe....... I also sometimes forgot your birthday too. It's a fair game now.)

Emelda & Me

Vincent & Me

19 June, 2008

Movie Outing With CSPians From CSP Forum : Kung Fu Panda

Well, haven't seen a movie for a while already. Let's see....Hmmm.... I think the last movie that I watched was the CJ7 somewhere around February.

Oh well, finally got to watch the "Kung Fu Panda" at Cathay last night with a bunch of new friends and they were from the CSP Forum which I started to play on the 20th April this year. They were all together 15 of us who had joined for the movie outing. (Including me, Chucky, Dori, Irtea, Cubex, Dias, Shiver, Rob, Kanariya, Massy, 540, Rina, Rina's mom, Acom and Irtea's mom.)

A "MUST" thanks to Chucky because he's willing to fetch me and the most important thing was - he helped me settled the ticket booking matters with Kanariya, when I nearly din't get into the outing. Another "BIG" thanks to Kanariya for booking the ticket. (Need to apologize to both of you for the inconvenience)

Supposed the movie starts exactly 7:30P.M. , but guess what? Another "Delay Flight". The show only starts around 8:00P.M. At the meantime, I was playing Tetris with my phone since Chucky who sat on my left handside almost fell into "Sleep Kingdom". And I'm not quite familiar with the rest of the CSPians (Shiver, which sat next to me in the right hand side.)

Ok, back to the movie. Really a "Thumb UP" movie!!! Laughing all the way from the begining til the end. Even as a serious guy as Chucky also given his big laugh. SERIOUSly, never seen he laughing in such way in workplace. (Chucky, U should keep that smile oftenly, oh well at least I'd seen the other sides of Chucky. Heh!! Heh!!) About the movie, I'm just put my entire focus on that panda's tummy - It's equal to my dad's tummy (2 x 5 sahaja akekekeek.........) I'm giving the movie 10/10 for making me TEARS SPLASHING!!!!

As usual, after the movie we had a YUM CHA session at Salim's - a place that never been there a decade of time already. Guess what again? I met Rachael (My ex - colleague who is from the Audit Firm) and her boyfriend with 2 of their friends in the same shop either, but I din't go near and greet them, it just simply because I don't want to disturb them. (But I guess her boyfriend had spotted me)

Well, I guess my mouth had been zipped up for the whole YUM CHA session. Firstly, this was the first meeting. Whenever came into first meeting - I'm always be the DUMBER. Secondly, I want to observe what usually their topic was? Online Games..... that's what their topic was. OMG!!! I'm not into online games and to be honest I seldom use English to communicate. So in order to make less mistakes I'd been keeping my mouth zipped up!!! But, I do hope the situations get improve when the next meeting is on. (Hopefully I can still join them up and NICE TO MEET YOU ALL!!!)

13 June, 2008

Argggg...... Why This Feelings???

Owe My Gawd........... How I wish Gremlin Koko was here with me... Why I get into such feelings again. :( There's too many things inside my head now. I knew my colleagues had noticed it, but nothing much I can let go.

First the all, "Future" - I'm always worrying my future, I can't make myself not thinking of my future. Why I'm so left behind? "Love Life" - recently, I had received many news about relatives getting married, friends getting married, ex - schoolmates getting married. But me??? Sigh ...... don't even dare to think of it. I'm just like the eight years ago "Me". Nothing improve, everyday "work, work, work". Sometimes I kept asking myself, people like me, izzit really don't deserve such privillege?

Secondly, "Work" - for the past few weeks, I was coped with various events. School's concert - Some of you may ask what's the relations librarian with school's concert, yeah......... by right, both are not related at all. But I was the one who assigned to get the concert tickets done in three days. Oh my god, which means I have to abundon my library job and concerntrate with the tones of tickets. Chinese Chess Competition - same as last year, I'd been asked by the organiser of the competition to be their typist, helping them type all their minutes. Is this part of my job? Sometimes I think my work just like a plate of rojak. But I know the IT Department's colleagues also having the same circumstances as I did, even worst than me. Be cool! pals.

When think back, the school are really not giving their co-operations at all. Their are too dependful to us, throwing all their responsibility to us, bullying us like that. It's kind of torture. I think without the school board, the whole school might collapse one day, but then they seems not a single aprreciations at all from them, but full of critisms.

Somehow, for the rest of the workmates, keep on rolling. I knew we can make it. I know I can't help much, but at least let me play the role of "Joker" keep on entertaining you guys. Akekeke.........

09 June, 2008

I Stucked In The Middle Of Flood

Rain... rain go away... wow looked up the sky, it was like covered with huge huge "Black Rock". And yet I'm still in the school library. Out of sudden, the rain started pouring down in just a blink of eyes.

My two other colleagues (Sam and Andrew)had made their moved first early on, only left Charles and me in the office. After I had finished up my clean-up job and all the students gone out, I'm too left the library. On that time, the rain still pounding heavily, my colleague - Sam kept calling me (I guess If I;m not mistaken, I've been received her calls up to 3 times already, she was stuck in the car park, according to her, she saids the car parks was flooded with water. I was quetioning at that time, why my father din't turned up.. huh? As usual he did, he must turned up on time. Soon I finished the clean up, I went to downstairs outside the main office, where I usually waiting my dad to pick me up. There were huge crowd around six teachers and students were still waiting someone to pick them up too.

The water level started to rise higher and higher, the road in front of the school started to cover with water. Suddenly I received a call from my mom, she saids it might be late, coz the both roads from Jalan Hospital and Luyang were covered with waters and hardly to get an alternative road to get into my school. Then I told them nevermind I can wait in the school. Just have to wait the water level gone down. But the most unhappy thing that making me mad was they kept calling me, and my mom start blaming me that "why don't call them up early on to pick me up?" It's like I'm the one who asking the heavy rain.

Soon or later, around half past six, my other colleague too made his move. So that's mean left me the only one from my department that haven't gone home. Together with the teachers and students we had waited nearly two hours, my dad called up again, I was in mad mode at that time, because of the none stop repeating incoming calls from them, I was start worrying my battery running low. Then I was asking favour from Ms Bevina, one of the teacher from the school wheather I can have a ride. It was seven something, finally our saviour was here. He's actually Ms Bevina sister's boyfriend. Thanks him to let me have a ride too. We actually turning around the area Penampang to seek a side that allows us to go out from the "Flood Kingdom". We wasted another hour, oh my god!!!! The whole area turned into a "maze" indeed. Inside the car, we managed to have a little chat, once again what a small small world it is - This guy whom was Ms Bevina sister's boyfriend was actually one of my senior back to high school though. He told me that he quite familiar with me. No way man, because my look nothing special at all. Then the next thing was, he graduated from class of 99. Which was same year as See Ka Kiat - one of the senior that I had a crashed once.

Ok back to story, without noticed we actually managed to get ourselves out from the "flood kingdom". But once again we get stucked in front of the archives, looks like there's a serious road congestion occured, I had actually noticed that some cars was left along the roadside due to the flood, and some peoples start walking without their shoes on. Around 8.30P.M., I managed to get back home. Imagine only from Penampang to Luyang, It tooks me 3 hours - the timing it's just like took a flight from KK to KL already. Tonight is the night that I felt really really starving. All I need now is fooooooooooooooood................

05 June, 2008

Cousins's Wedding Lunch

"40's over gal married to a 20's boy" Ain't that kind of weird? Erm...... Neh... some will say "Age" really not a big matter at all, the most important things both parties are true, honest and love to each others.

This afternoon I've just attended my cousins' wedding lunch happening at MoonFlower Vegetarian Restaurant located somewhere near Foo Ping Dim Sum Restaurant at Lintas here. The Wedding Lunch Banquet was in Buffet style that served all kind of vegetarian dishes. Both the bride and bridegroom look awesome. Especially the bridegroom - very tall. That's made them don't look much different from their age.

According to one of my relatives, the bridegroom actually is my little brother's schoolmate's brother.Huh? What a small small world indded. During on the lunch session, I did bumped with him too. He was eating there with his girlfriend either, we did'nt greet to each other until he noticed me. Heh....heh.... I don't want disturb him with her girlfriend because from what I knew his girlfriend kind of sensitive type.

On the other hand, early this year my another younger cousins who just get married, now seeing her having a baby boy already. What? Having baby in the young age like 19. I can't imagine what it will be like if the situations happened on myself. That's definately NO Way Man!!! The baby boy is so adorable, just like a big baby compared with his mother look small.

Soon or later it's almost 2P.M., after finished the lunch I had to rush back to office. Sigh...... after eaten so full felt like sleepy, but thank god it's still in school holiday mode. Hoorey!!!

Yesterday Petrol Price Rose, Today Electricity Bill Rise

Wow!! If you have read recently newspapers, I'm sure the "Hot Breaking News" is none other than the risen of the petrol price up to RM2.70 per litre. Whoap...... That's too much !!! How's the public gona survive in future??

Just the breaking news out from yesterday, today got another bad news again. What?? Not again???..... Electricity Bils is up!! up!! UP!! SIGH.... What the heck those stupid government are doing?? That's putting such a heavy burdon on us. And yet one thing seems not making it move is none other than - OUR SALARY!!! I think the government should consider our situations, make it balance - once everything is up, should be our salary also follow to increase at least a bit. Don't you guys think???

04 June, 2008

ENT Review Again

One month already, phew.... never thought that time can slip so fast like a lightning. It's time for me to do my second review on my ear again. (For my old readers, you should know what happen to my ears last month and for those who din't know what exactly happend to me last month so just allow me to say it again) Well, last month this day I have been suffered from a hearing loss situations. But now it seems I'm getting recover already and can hear well already after taken dozens of pils. But just want to make sure I'm fully recovered so attended the appointment at Quen Elizabeth Hospital.

Morning, as usual i went to office while my parents help me to get a numbers from the hospital to avoid getting a far behind numbers later on - so I got my lucky number 34, actually today is also my colleague's review day too. She been suffered from pain on period, so she is being reffered by the Genekology Department. Oh my god, we had a crash, we don't realized that we had the same day of appointment. But mine's was 12noon and her's 11A.M., but thankgoodness it's school holidays, so it doesn't have any big problem at all because school holidays seldom got students pay a visit to the library.

So around 11.30A.M., my dad picked me up from office and headimg to the hospital. As soon as we had reached the ENT clinique, the nurse had already called out my name. Wow, so fast?? Actually according to her, she's been repeating my name again and again. Lolz....... I thought it might be take sometimes to wait but end up no need to wait. I've been expecting to see Dr. Chong again today, but guess what?? He seems not around, then I'd been reviewed by another chinese male doctor. (He was just unlike a doctor, because he got playful personality) After he had studied my case note, and did the checking and Q & A sessions, he suggest me to have a hearing test in the other room. What the heck is that?

So I waited outside the waiting hall, not long ago, here this little officer asked me to come in. Inside the room, there was plenty of machines, first the all he asked me to sit down and then he put something on my ear to test my hearing volume. As soon as he got the result based on a chart, another test is on - that's the hearing test which he put an ear-phone on me, and ask me to listen the voice inside the earphone. The test took me about 20 minutes, then I got my result - It's ok!! I'm totally recovered. After the doctor studied my result, he declare that I'm 100% recovered, so there's no more upcoming review on ENT anymore in future, but he did said if I'm not feeling well I can call them up anytime in their clinique though. so the X-FILE CLOSED!!!

02 June, 2008

I Learn Something New Today

Keep on upgrading!!! That's what I need now.

Recently, I'd realized that I'm far left behind from other peoples' footstep. For example in the office, sometimes I don't get what the 3 of my colleagues from IT Department are talking about.... shamed of me!!! (For them, maybe I'm just like a 3 years old kid, that don't know anything.) That's mostly the computer knowledge.

When I hang out with my buddies, It's seems i don't even get the interest to join their chit-chat topics, such as cloths, make ups, boyfriends (Coz I always think that I don't deserve to get anyone of them as stated.) I'm actually worrying my life will just stop right where I'm now. So, everytime I will grabbed the chances to learn anything as I can in order to keep myself upgrading. (Yeah!! Although I knew I'm a slow catcher.)

But, today I had leant something new, how to insert the "copy right" sign into my photos. I know it's a little bit childish, and I think everyone had already knew it earlier on. Why I want to know it? It's because I saw it first in my friends' blogs. Everyone got their own "mark", so I also don't want to left behind, so I made up my mind to ask my "Sifu of Computer". Heh heh.... you know who you are. Thank you for teaching me. According to my Sifu, in order to insert a text into the photo I need a software that can required me to perform that action. So first thing pop out in my mind on that time is none other then Photoshop that I had learnt during the ICT Course held by the school last March this year. Then, I quickly open the software that I grabbed from another colleague this morning, and quickly did the installation job and start playing around with it. Here's are some photos that I practices with:

Boo's Daily Viewer

Boo's Daily Bread

Boo's Horoscope Review