18 May, 2008

Various Events Update For This Week

16th May (Friday) - Annual Teacher's Day Dinner
I had attended a school dinner function held at Kian Kok Middle School tonight, regarding the annual teacher's day organised by The Chinese Chambers. There are total 7 Schools around the region of Kota Kinabalu been involved in the dinner tonight.

The dinner starts around 7:30PM sharp (Well not really sharp), begins with speeches from the VIPs, while other attendants busy with their feast. Followed by some performances such as singing, dancing on stage. It was quite boring indeed, then my colleague and I start playing around with his "BIG BOMB" - Digital Camera (Well it's actually belongs to the school (It's under school properties). So what am i waiting for? So I took the opportunity to ask lotsa camera stuffs from him, while I can passing my boringness of time.

Late around 9 something, I can hear rain starts pounding from outside. I guess the sky starts "pissing" through the heavengates. In a dinner function like that, usually the "Ang Pau Given Time" and "Lucky Draw" will be the highlighted events, instead of those performance on stage or speech. As well as those tasty food that being served also have to "give way". Before the function rounded up, it was the Ang Pau given Time by my boss and last but not least "Lucky Draw" Sessions, guess what? After 3 years my stay in the school I havent got the luck of grabbing extra ang paus in such function. But this year, I have it, besides getting an Ang Pau worth of RM30, I also won an extra RM50 from the lucky draw sessions.Geeee..... Thanks to my lucky Ticket NO.0086. The function ended around 10PM.

P/S: This money gonna be "enter" to my "Digital Camera Fund".
Ang Pao that received from my boss worth RM30

Ang Pao that I won from the Lucky Draw Session worth RM50

17th May (Saturday) - Another Baby Sitting Sessions
Gosh!! I'm so damn tired..... as I'm stated earlier on in my friendster account, I'm not just a librarian, but I'm a baby sitter either. Why am I saying so? It is because sometimes teachers who with their children in the school, usually will leave their beloved children under the guardian of library (So, they threats library as their nurserylah)

This morning, one of the teacher left her 3 little kids staying in the library with me, while she got further orientations with the vice principal to attend. So I'm to take the responsible to look after this 3 little fellows. Wow, at first 3 of them quite listen to my intructions that each and everyone of them took their favourite books and read silently. I thought it would be easy to take control on them, but not more than a while, they started to get bored with the reading session, the youngest sister (Enid) starts playing with her plastic ball, throwing here and there. Then the elder sister (Ethel) and the elder brother (Jasperin) join into the game. Wow........ the circumstances seems not undercontrol.

They were cute, I can't barely take out my camera and start snapping them one by one.Ehheheh.....And then I've noticed that kids usually drew their attentions to new stuffs easily... Then I realized I was surroundding with this kids. Oh No....... they are actually interested with my camera phones and kept asking me snaping them. OWE MY GAWD!!!! Although it's tired but I do enjoy spending time with them.

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