26 May, 2008

The Begining Of My Freedom

The tent is set - this is the sign that the Mid-term school holidays is on, and it's time for me to take a break. Well my leaves been approved - effectively from 26th May til 29th May and 30th May til 31st May is Public Holidays for the Harvest Festival. So total in count I'm having a week of holiday.

What I did for the first day of my "Freedom" ? Oh well, It's kind of boring though, keep an ear on that Mix FM Channel, reading books, blogging, CSP Forum. Lolzzz.... lotsa activities though. (But I did it randomly of course) Then out of sudden my dad suggested to get the Teacher's Day cake from Southern Cake House (Damai Branch) which sponsored by Dato' Yee Mo Chai. It comes out with 3 flavours (Black Forest, Vanilla and Yam). Of course, we were definately go for that Black Forest taste.

And this is how the cake look like

Is this a black forest flavour? At first, I was questioning my mom, wheather she got it correct or not? (Because the cake doesn't look like Black Forest, much like a vanila. And then the second thing is that the cake look plain, ain't you think? Then I asked my mom "Have you forgot something bout the "wording" on top the cake?". Neh....... although that isn't much important, but due we want to make sure it is a Black Forest or not? My mom had decided go back to the cake house and settle down the matters in fact.

So after, they had settled it down the matters, my mom told me "That's definately a Black Forest". At the same, she took the opportunity to ask the shopkeeper to re-decorate the cake with wording on top of it. "Happy Teacher's Day" - Haiz......... I thought "Happy Father's Day" will be suitable for the next upcoming events???? but whatever it takes? All the cake goes into stomach will end up come up with a piece of "cake" again. Who's care?

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