28 May, 2008

The Magic Couch

Another boring day at home, since I have no place to go out. So I had planned that to spend my less than 24 hours on Wednesday morning to finish up the story books that I had borrowed from the school's library last Saturday before I start my 1 week holidays. And this is what I got from the bookshelfs of the school's library.

On the other way, as usual if I'm not feel like going out on certain day, I do usually go on my "Keep Fit Business". Hey!! Hey!! That's having my cup of slimming tea. (Teh Orang Kampung, Rocks!!!!! - It's really works since I'm been drinking it from Form 3, I have actually lost from 53KG til now left 45KG.... but of course have to control my diet as well.

It usually took me about 4 to 5 hours before the tea shows it's power (Depends how many toxid kept insides of my body on that weeks) Then, I would probably hugging the toilet bowl let's say half day??? Would that be more than enough?? (Neh.. as long as the toilet bowl din't kick my butt off) Lolz..........

After a long hours of hiding insides the washroom, my butt nearly blossoming with flowers. Geee........ I try pull myself into the couch. Guess what? my dad was taking nap there.

Tell you guys one thing, there's curse on this couch actually. Weird, huh? Whoever sit on it will fall into deep deep sleep. I, myself tried it several times already, believe it or not? just believe it. Hee...Hee...

P/S : Ooops... sorry papa to expose your picture here. (I took it without his noticed. Ehem....ehem..... Shhhhh........)

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