28 May, 2008

The Magic Couch

Another boring day at home, since I have no place to go out. So I had planned that to spend my less than 24 hours on Wednesday morning to finish up the story books that I had borrowed from the school's library last Saturday before I start my 1 week holidays. And this is what I got from the bookshelfs of the school's library.

On the other way, as usual if I'm not feel like going out on certain day, I do usually go on my "Keep Fit Business". Hey!! Hey!! That's having my cup of slimming tea. (Teh Orang Kampung, Rocks!!!!! - It's really works since I'm been drinking it from Form 3, I have actually lost from 53KG til now left 45KG.... but of course have to control my diet as well.

It usually took me about 4 to 5 hours before the tea shows it's power (Depends how many toxid kept insides of my body on that weeks) Then, I would probably hugging the toilet bowl let's say half day??? Would that be more than enough?? (Neh.. as long as the toilet bowl din't kick my butt off) Lolz..........

After a long hours of hiding insides the washroom, my butt nearly blossoming with flowers. Geee........ I try pull myself into the couch. Guess what? my dad was taking nap there.

Tell you guys one thing, there's curse on this couch actually. Weird, huh? Whoever sit on it will fall into deep deep sleep. I, myself tried it several times already, believe it or not? just believe it. Hee...Hee...

P/S : Ooops... sorry papa to expose your picture here. (I took it without his noticed. Ehem....ehem..... Shhhhh........)

26 May, 2008

The Begining Of My Freedom

The tent is set - this is the sign that the Mid-term school holidays is on, and it's time for me to take a break. Well my leaves been approved - effectively from 26th May til 29th May and 30th May til 31st May is Public Holidays for the Harvest Festival. So total in count I'm having a week of holiday.

What I did for the first day of my "Freedom" ? Oh well, It's kind of boring though, keep an ear on that Mix FM Channel, reading books, blogging, CSP Forum. Lolzzz.... lotsa activities though. (But I did it randomly of course) Then out of sudden my dad suggested to get the Teacher's Day cake from Southern Cake House (Damai Branch) which sponsored by Dato' Yee Mo Chai. It comes out with 3 flavours (Black Forest, Vanilla and Yam). Of course, we were definately go for that Black Forest taste.

And this is how the cake look like

Is this a black forest flavour? At first, I was questioning my mom, wheather she got it correct or not? (Because the cake doesn't look like Black Forest, much like a vanila. And then the second thing is that the cake look plain, ain't you think? Then I asked my mom "Have you forgot something bout the "wording" on top the cake?". Neh....... although that isn't much important, but due we want to make sure it is a Black Forest or not? My mom had decided go back to the cake house and settle down the matters in fact.

So after, they had settled it down the matters, my mom told me "That's definately a Black Forest". At the same, she took the opportunity to ask the shopkeeper to re-decorate the cake with wording on top of it. "Happy Teacher's Day" - Haiz......... I thought "Happy Father's Day" will be suitable for the next upcoming events???? but whatever it takes? All the cake goes into stomach will end up come up with a piece of "cake" again. Who's care?

18 May, 2008

Various Events Update For This Week

16th May (Friday) - Annual Teacher's Day Dinner
I had attended a school dinner function held at Kian Kok Middle School tonight, regarding the annual teacher's day organised by The Chinese Chambers. There are total 7 Schools around the region of Kota Kinabalu been involved in the dinner tonight.

The dinner starts around 7:30PM sharp (Well not really sharp), begins with speeches from the VIPs, while other attendants busy with their feast. Followed by some performances such as singing, dancing on stage. It was quite boring indeed, then my colleague and I start playing around with his "BIG BOMB" - Digital Camera (Well it's actually belongs to the school (It's under school properties). So what am i waiting for? So I took the opportunity to ask lotsa camera stuffs from him, while I can passing my boringness of time.

Late around 9 something, I can hear rain starts pounding from outside. I guess the sky starts "pissing" through the heavengates. In a dinner function like that, usually the "Ang Pau Given Time" and "Lucky Draw" will be the highlighted events, instead of those performance on stage or speech. As well as those tasty food that being served also have to "give way". Before the function rounded up, it was the Ang Pau given Time by my boss and last but not least "Lucky Draw" Sessions, guess what? After 3 years my stay in the school I havent got the luck of grabbing extra ang paus in such function. But this year, I have it, besides getting an Ang Pau worth of RM30, I also won an extra RM50 from the lucky draw sessions.Geeee..... Thanks to my lucky Ticket NO.0086. The function ended around 10PM.

P/S: This money gonna be "enter" to my "Digital Camera Fund".
Ang Pao that received from my boss worth RM30

Ang Pao that I won from the Lucky Draw Session worth RM50

17th May (Saturday) - Another Baby Sitting Sessions
Gosh!! I'm so damn tired..... as I'm stated earlier on in my friendster account, I'm not just a librarian, but I'm a baby sitter either. Why am I saying so? It is because sometimes teachers who with their children in the school, usually will leave their beloved children under the guardian of library (So, they threats library as their nurserylah)

This morning, one of the teacher left her 3 little kids staying in the library with me, while she got further orientations with the vice principal to attend. So I'm to take the responsible to look after this 3 little fellows. Wow, at first 3 of them quite listen to my intructions that each and everyone of them took their favourite books and read silently. I thought it would be easy to take control on them, but not more than a while, they started to get bored with the reading session, the youngest sister (Enid) starts playing with her plastic ball, throwing here and there. Then the elder sister (Ethel) and the elder brother (Jasperin) join into the game. Wow........ the circumstances seems not undercontrol.

They were cute, I can't barely take out my camera and start snapping them one by one.Ehheheh.....And then I've noticed that kids usually drew their attentions to new stuffs easily... Then I realized I was surroundding with this kids. Oh No....... they are actually interested with my camera phones and kept asking me snaping them. OWE MY GAWD!!!! Although it's tired but I do enjoy spending time with them.

08 May, 2008

Caught With Sick

3rd May (Saturday) - So Sick
As I'm said in my last post that I'm not feeling well with my ear. The situations seems getting even worst, that I can't hardly bear the pain with it any longer. So I made up my mind to see a doctor. So last Saturday I called up Dr Tan to make up an appointment. Walaueh.... the receptionist told me it's full house until the next day which was Sunday 5PM in the evening. (Oh ok, I guess I have to wait for another day since the pain stayed with me a week already and i don't mind it made its' stay for another less than 24 hours.

4th May (Sunday) - The World Is Spinning Round and Round
Sunday morning, Still very dizzy.... If can I just want to lay in my bed without any movement at all. (This doesn't mean I'm "dead" but nearly "dying"). I'm actually lost my appettite, because all my mind is focusing on my left ear. "What happen to my left ear?". Today I'm felt like I'm loosing my ear. It seems all numbs, nearly dropped it down. Finally the clock thicked to 5 - It's time for me to date my doctor. Dr. Tan's clinique is located somewhere Taman Fortuna, It's actually took me around 5 to 10 minutes to reach there (If there ain't any traffic congestion)

After the comfirmation of my booking in the counterside, I took my seats. (WOW!!! Dr Tan's clinique is always packed with full. Why? Because the consultant fees is much cheaper comparing with other doctors). After waiting for a while, finally It's my turn. The doctor asked me several questions like:

1) What's wrong with you?

2) How long you been in such situation?

3) Any headache? Vomit? Fever?

After the Q & A session, he took something and go through my ear. After long examined on me. His conclusion is "I think the water inside your ear is not balance that led you to dizzyness and deafness. Then, he gave me some medication. (Oh no, MEDICINES TIME!!!),Before living, I asked the doctor's permission to entitle me for 2 days of medical chit (Coz really can't pull myself up to move around already)

Dizzy Pils

Neuron Pils

Ear Deafness Pils

7th May (wednesday) - Urulogy and ENT
Well after 2 days resting at home,It seems the situation ain't any improvement. For the deafness - still deaf, for the dizzyness - still dizzy. The reason why I'm requested MC for 2 days on last Sunday is that I got another yearly appointment from the Urology Department. SIGH!! My life just can't live without doctors. Once again, I brought my piece of Frequency Chart records (That's a piece of paper where I choke down all the daily "drinking volume" and "pissing volume" (As requested by the doctor earlier on (IT IS IMPORTANT TO ME!!!)

Attending the appointment of Urology is not the same with Paediatrician and Orthopedic did, this is because the urology don't have the fix doctor to diagnosis everytime we pay a visit there.. (So this may cause them to study my case note all over again everytime I went to the review. After the doctor had studied my chart and case notes, he threw out "Oh my god, U only drink 900ML of water per day, huh?". I just keep myself mute mode. Then, he advised me that I shud take more than that, because I'm lacking of water which causing my urine test always get infected.

After finished up with the review on urology case, I told the doctor that I got this deafness for the past couples of days, then he recommended me to seek the help from ENT department. Wow, it's a marathon review!!! He called up the ENT Specialist on the spot. Then, gosh!!! I have to walk on foot from uphill to downhill in order to reach the ENT department. Then it was almost noontime, after done with my registration (This department's nurse it's unfriendly), I'm waiting in the waiting hall for the call. Due to the crowds, I had waited for I think not less than an hour, finally my turns. Instead of seeing the Indian doctor (That recommended by my urologist earlier on, one of the chinese young male doctor (call him Dr Chong as stated on his name tag) took my case note and studied it carefully, as usual he asked me various questions, and I did bring my medicines that Dr Tan gave me and showed it to Dr Chong. After a few Q & A Sessions, he guide me to a section where there were some machine equipped. Then, he told me that he needs to check through my nostril where there's a part that might related to the ear, before he put a sticks which more look like a binocular into my nostril, he sprays some "BIUS" on me to reduce the paintfulness that might occured to me. In front of me, there's a CCTV, that's I can see the entire process. (But the feeling sucks, I cant hardly breath well)

Few minutes flew, the check up ended he told me there's nothing inside my ear, all I have to do it just continuing the medication, he will added up the quantity of my medication, since the previous medication was not strong enough, so I wont be able see the result fast, furthermore he saids in my case, recovery seems take sometimes. So he asked me to come back for review in one month times.

more medications coming up..... :(

01 May, 2008

BuZzzy..... DiZzzy..... Day......

It's gonna be a busy day for me, early in the morning let's say about 8 something I was heading to the Queens Hospital for my ultrasound appointment.

Actually don't know what the heck going wrong to me today....Kind feels like suddenly the whole world spinning round and round like riding a roller coaster or something, I can't hardly stand firm on my both feet. The next thing was I felt like something covered my left ear, can't listen clearly.

Ok, back to main story - ultrasound. I usually did it once a year eoutinely to check my my both kidneys and as well as my bladder to make it is in the right condistion. In order to do that, the doctors usually advised me to drink a lot of water, in order to get my bladder filled with water, that's easy for them to check on my entired urinary track. (I hate this kind of feelings)

Soon or later, one of the doctor called up my name, with my unfirmed steps I slow walk in to the room. Wow, after one year I didn't pay a visit to the ultrasound department. It seems they had a renovation for the room. For the past, It used to be 2 beds being provided, but now only left one lonely bed located. As the doctor ultrasounding me, he kept explaining "Good, no stones growing sign, no swelling."

Phew.....thank god...soon after the checked, I'm heading to downstairs and waiting my dad to pick me up and when to Alliance Bank (Damai Branch) to get my bank book a change. K, it's quite free at that moment, there's not really too many people queing up at the counter. Not long afterthat, it's my turn to settle my business..... the procedures of changing new bank book is required of my signature. Due to the long period of not signing (Not like those big boss, everyday signing "Big Amount" cheque) and the dizzinees not feeling well fell on me.I hardly to get my signature signed exactly the same I did back to the year of 2002. So, I'm just like a newbies practicing my signature. OWE MY GAWD!!!!

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