02 April, 2008

Mama Told me "I'm Not a Normal Person"

Today, I went to review in Hospital Likas again. As usual, I have to stick with kids under 12 as I'm still being review under Neurologist of Paediatric.

The clock showed 11A.M. as I'm getting bored of waiting, out of sudden Dr. Soo turned in, he had greeted me. (Phew!! He is in good mood). Not long after his turned up, Staff nurse Lo called up my name, I'm quickly made my move into the room with my "Volume Chart" result held in my hand. It's been a while I din't saw Dr Soo already, since he been busy with other stuffs and I been arranged to see other doctors. After he had read my case note, He throw something like "How come your blood test turned up to be no result, and the glucos in my blood was 6.1 (Wait the minutes, is this called glucose?) Neh.... I don't know, all I know seriously the doctor warned me that, If getting that low, it might lead me to death. Then, the next things was he told Staff Nurse Lo to check my blood pressure, then once again my blood pressure showed abnormal again. (As I know for normal rate is up to 120 but mine only 60 something which is very very low)

The next thing is, Dr Soo read on my Volume Chart (it's somekind of chart made by myself showing that, how much I had drink in and drain out per day). Just before the review had come to the end, he ask me to take another blood test again and also the Urine C & S (Because for the previos reviews none of the doctors request to do this kind of Urine Test, but for Dr. Soo - It's always important for me to take that kind of Urine Test). OMG!! Not again :( due to last week blood test show nothing. Pity me!! Now a days It's hard for the doctors to take blood on my arm, so she took it on my hand. So Pain!!!

As usual, if my medical results showed anything wrong, my parents will babbled me, this time she babbled "U are not a normal healthy person like others do, you must be very becareful". Otherwise, in future no one shall take care of you anymore, if both of us no in the world already." (That's why I always thinking that better I go to the "3rd world" then only them)

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