19 April, 2008

Happy Birthday, G.R.E.M.L.I.N K.O.K.O !!!

Hey, how are you? my brother... It's been a long long time din't chat with you in MSN or SMS already. Tomorrow is your birthday, I just want to greet you Happy Birthday, D.U.D.E!!!!

Looking forward to see you coming back to KK. I really miss the time when we first met at Karamunsing where I'm doing my rebonding and you were working at Picotec. Time slipped very fast, now coming the 5th year already since I know you. Hardly wait to meet you and start our "ROUTINES" again - SMSing till the morning come.

The day you left Sabah and working in England. - 23rd Jan 07 still freshly keep in my mind (Read your last sms before you on board), can't forget the feelings because my mood turned down straightaway and became no mood working (That time was 4.30P.M and I'm still in my workplace and you are about to take the Brunei Flight on 5.30P.M)



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