01 May, 2008

BuZzzy..... DiZzzy..... Day......

It's gonna be a busy day for me, early in the morning let's say about 8 something I was heading to the Queens Hospital for my ultrasound appointment.

Actually don't know what the heck going wrong to me today....Kind feels like suddenly the whole world spinning round and round like riding a roller coaster or something, I can't hardly stand firm on my both feet. The next thing was I felt like something covered my left ear, can't listen clearly.

Ok, back to main story - ultrasound. I usually did it once a year eoutinely to check my my both kidneys and as well as my bladder to make it is in the right condistion. In order to do that, the doctors usually advised me to drink a lot of water, in order to get my bladder filled with water, that's easy for them to check on my entired urinary track. (I hate this kind of feelings)

Soon or later, one of the doctor called up my name, with my unfirmed steps I slow walk in to the room. Wow, after one year I didn't pay a visit to the ultrasound department. It seems they had a renovation for the room. For the past, It used to be 2 beds being provided, but now only left one lonely bed located. As the doctor ultrasounding me, he kept explaining "Good, no stones growing sign, no swelling."

Phew.....thank god...soon after the checked, I'm heading to downstairs and waiting my dad to pick me up and when to Alliance Bank (Damai Branch) to get my bank book a change. K, it's quite free at that moment, there's not really too many people queing up at the counter. Not long afterthat, it's my turn to settle my business..... the procedures of changing new bank book is required of my signature. Due to the long period of not signing (Not like those big boss, everyday signing "Big Amount" cheque) and the dizzinees not feeling well fell on me.I hardly to get my signature signed exactly the same I did back to the year of 2002. So, I'm just like a newbies practicing my signature. OWE MY GAWD!!!!

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