25 March, 2008

Clear Brightness Festival

Clear Brightness Festival also known as "All Souls Day" just around the corner. As written down from our schedule, My parents together with my auntie, cousins and me had visited my uncle's graveyard at one of the anglican cemetery.

According to the schedule, we supposed to reach at the cemetery approximately 9. But guess what? We are "DELAY" for the reason of waiting my cousins' family arrived at my auntie's house. While waiting them, the rest of us made our final checklist to make sure none of the important things left out. (Such as fresh flowers, candles, lighters, "Parang" and broom for cleaning purpose, waters and other things that needed to be offered.

The weather for this morning, damn so hot!! Thank god I din't forget to put my sunblock on. Everyone was very co-operative, some sweeping the tomb, some cutting out the weeds and lighting up the candles. But funny things do happend, while we are putting our effords to light up the candles, strong wind do pay us a visit plus with the "fake wind" made by my little nephew - Zi Cong (He is so naughty)

Soon we had cleaned up the tomb, we start to pack our things and make our move to have our breakfast at Kwang Tung Zai - a place which famous with it's roasted duck, roasted char sau and roasted Sau Nyuk. Everyone was starving indeed!!

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