28 March, 2008

My First Self Made "Desserts" - C.U.S.T.A.R.D

Huh?? Ashley can cook??? Kidding seriously....(Dunno how to cooklah) But feel like eating this kind of dessert(Kai Tan Fu in Hakka) Oops... sorry dunno how to pronounce it in english. So I'm decided to ask my mom teach me how to make it. The Ingredient as below:

I.N.G.R.E.D.I.E.N.T (1 Person Serving)

2 Eggs

1 Glass of water

2 Table Spoon of Susu Pekat


1. Boil some water in a wok

2. While waiting the water is heaten up, stir the 2 eggs in a bowl, add in 2
tablespoon of Susu Pekat and slowly add up some water, stir it well.

3. Afterthat, when the mixture been stirred well, put it inside the wok and let the
mixture cooked (The fire in this stage must be very powerful)

4. Approximately, cook it in 15 min til 20 min times. Until it's look like a custard

Note: Keep an eye on it, otherwise you guys result will end up like mine, a bit "HANGUS". Akeekekke... (But nice to eat though)

25 March, 2008

Clear Brightness Festival

Clear Brightness Festival also known as "All Souls Day" just around the corner. As written down from our schedule, My parents together with my auntie, cousins and me had visited my uncle's graveyard at one of the anglican cemetery.

According to the schedule, we supposed to reach at the cemetery approximately 9. But guess what? We are "DELAY" for the reason of waiting my cousins' family arrived at my auntie's house. While waiting them, the rest of us made our final checklist to make sure none of the important things left out. (Such as fresh flowers, candles, lighters, "Parang" and broom for cleaning purpose, waters and other things that needed to be offered.

The weather for this morning, damn so hot!! Thank god I din't forget to put my sunblock on. Everyone was very co-operative, some sweeping the tomb, some cutting out the weeds and lighting up the candles. But funny things do happend, while we are putting our effords to light up the candles, strong wind do pay us a visit plus with the "fake wind" made by my little nephew - Zi Cong (He is so naughty)

Soon we had cleaned up the tomb, we start to pack our things and make our move to have our breakfast at Kwang Tung Zai - a place which famous with it's roasted duck, roasted char sau and roasted Sau Nyuk. Everyone was starving indeed!!

16 March, 2008


School Holidays again!! Usually this is the "Golden Time" for me to be "snaking" a bit once a while.

Library at this moment, It's kind of "S.C.A.R.R.Y"... (Coz there ain't any "C.R.E.A.T.U.R.E" staying inside accepts me and Asnah. Oh yes!! Not forgetting those who from IT Department (Charles, Andrew and Sam), they are all working hard to get the exam papers marking done as school will re-open very soon.

As usual, Sam will have a little bit chit-chatting with us, when she's kind of bored staying in the room to take a break. Today we been discussing about "Phobia".

WHAT IS "P.H.O.B.I.A ? According to the dictionery, It can explained as lasting abnormal fear or great dislike.

We been told by her that she had a phobia on having blood test. Urm... as for me, I got "P.H.O.B.I.A" either. I was scared of accrossing big and deep drain, other then that, I also scared of climbing staircases. It's like a blind man without his stick, whenever I climbing a staircases that do not provide any banister that I can hold with, the fear came upon me. Sounds weird right? But that's my "P.H.O.B.I.A.

14 March, 2008

Stupid Cupid "M3"

Old!! Old!! Old!! I guess I'm really getting old already. Doing things slow, walking slow, Learning slow. SIGH.... so sad. But fortunately, eating "FAST". Akekke...

Recently I've been learning HTML - how to include "Hyperlink" into my blog with HTML Code and of course my master is none other then Master Charles. Hey!! Sorry to mentioned your name here, hope you don't mind.

I guess he been taught me this things since last Monday already. Phew!! Luckyly he is such a patient guy, if not now I most probably don't have the chance to sit down and relax in front of my computer desk writing my blog. Actually yesterday, he taught me either and I try to catch what he taught me. (But at the end I managed to get 45% of it only.) So today I'm asking the same things also, thankgoodness he show me once more.

Finally, I managed to create a hyperlink in my Blogger thats linked to Friendster Blog, but at the same time I failed to make a hyperlink in my Friendster Blog thats linked to Blogger :( How come?

12 March, 2008

My New Home

Hey!! A very warm welcome everybody on board to my new blog. I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog while at the same time don't forget to drop me some of ur comments or opinions after you guys had read about my blog :)

And for those who are wish to read my old blog, please log in:

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